Senator Marshall Discusses President Biden’s Political Future on Fox Business: The Democrats are in Free Fall

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined Mornings with Maria on Fox Business to discuss Joe Biden’s political future following reports of multiple visits by a Parkinson’s Disease specialist to the Biden White House and Democrats in disarray following Joe Biden’s debate performance. 

You may click HERE or on the link above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview. 

On a Parkinson’s Disease Specialist Visiting the Biden White House: 

“My sources tell me that a neurologist, a specialist in Parkinson’s, has been in the White House ten times over the past year. Let me tell you what: these types of doctors are so rare, they’re not making house calls for just anybody.”

“There’s several different types of Parkinson’s, some of them have a bigger impact on his cognitive abilities than other types of Parkinson’s do. So again, if there’s nothing to hide, then the President should do a cognitive test. My guess is he has done one, and certainly they’ve done a neurological examination, that would be part of an annual examination, and I guarantee you that this Parkinson’s disease doctor that showed up there did an in-depth neurological exam, and America deserves to know. I don’t know if the President has Parkinson’s or not, but we’re concerned about it.” 

On the Democrats’ Political Bench for President: 

“This will be the toughest political week of Joe Biden’s life. Here’s the challenge: Joe Biden is in free fall, the Democrats are in free fall, they don’t have any type of a bench. What Americans are rejecting is the Democrat policies…”

“Think about the potential successors, whether it’s Kamala or Newsom, that they both are politically Left of Joe Biden, and they’re polling worse than Joe Biden. Why? Because they don’t want to fix the border, because they don’t care about inflation or not.”

“Their policies will make inflation worse, they’ll keep the border open. Their policies are tax, borrow money, spend, that’s going to lead to more inflation. Americans know that. So the Democrats are in this quandary. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and there is nowhere to go.”

“America does not want another big government progressive person running the White House, they know that inflation will get worse. Have you ever heard any of those people talking about saying ‘I will secure the border?’ No, none of them will say that and we saw how the ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris handled the border, and she has given us 11 million illegal aliens across the border in the last three and a half years.”

“But again, Kamala Harris is a big government progressive. She will increase your taxes, she will keep us in never-ending wars, she will give us Medicaid for all, she will raise your taxes, she will keep inflation around, she will keep gasoline at $6 a gallon. And America’s rejecting all of that.”