Senator Marshall Joins Fox Business To Discuss GOP Conference Meeting with President Trump

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined Fox Business to discuss GOP unity behind President Trump following his visit to D.C., the Biden judicial nominee blockade, securing the southern border, and the worsening economic conditions under Joe Biden. 

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview.

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include: 

On the GOP Conference with President Trump: 

“It was a very unifying meeting, and you know what Trump meetings are like, he’s electric. He’s got an incredible fastball and I think that was just exciting. After all he’s been through, how strong this man is – I’ve never seen someone be able to just take all the heat that he’s taken, and come in there ready to lead.”

On President Trump’s plan for tax cuts: 

“He’s a tax cutter…but your listeners need to understand, if Donald Trump is not elected, their taxes are going up. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act…will go away, there’s no way that Joe Biden continues those, but if we don’t have them, it’ll drown the economy.”

On GOP unity at all three levels: 

“He needs to stay focused on the message of the economy and securing the border. Those are the two biggest issues back home…We need to stay locked in on helping the American people, keeping this working coalition together that’s growing within our party.”

“We need a secure country. We need to drive the cost of gasoline and groceries down. President Trump’s the person to lead it, but we need a Senate majority and a House majority.”

On blocking Biden nominees and fighting back against the Biden agenda: 

“I think we should do whatever we can do to slow up the Biden agenda. I’ve joined that letter with Senator Vance, proud to do that. We’re going to hold up 44 nominees that are political hack jobs that are going to come in and promote this judicial activation, this weaponization of the judicial system mainly.”

“And really the folks back home, they’re tired of Republicans turning the other cheek. They’re ready for us to stand up and fight. They know that Trump will fight, the Senate needs to stand up and fight too.” 

On Top Issues for Voters Heading into 2024: 

“Well, what the people of Kansas tell me is the open southern border, and the price of gasoline and groceries, and it’s that simple.”

“If Eisenhower can do a million [deportations] in a summer…I bet President Trump can get a million deported. It’s something that needs to be done. We need to get the terrorists and the criminals out of here first.”