Senator Marshall Joins Mornings with Maria: Joe Biden’s words are as cheap as the fentanyl tablets flooding our borders

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined Mornings with Mariaon Fox Business to discuss the news that President Biden is having discussions with the Mexican president about the worsening border crisis, and the ongoing anti-Israel pro-Hamas protests happening on college campuses nationwide. 

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview.

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include:

Joe Biden’s Political Posturing Seven Months Ahead of 2024 Election: 

“So Mexican president AMLO, he wants $20 billion. He wants us to stop our sanctions on Cuba as well as Venezuela. But it’s interesting… Joe Biden has the policy changes that could fix this right now, and he has the leverage over Mexico.”

“Simple policy changes, like Remain in Mexico, probably take care of half, 50% of the problem. And then we do almost $900 billion of trade with Mexico. Thanks to President Trump’s USMCA trade agreement, Mexico was our number one trade partner, so [Biden] has the leverage already.”

“[Biden] could fix this with policy, but his polling numbers are so low now that Joe Biden is going to pretend like he wants to fix this. But we know Joe Biden’s words are as cheap as the fentanyl tablets that will kill 300 people, 300 young Americans today.”

“Joe Biden wants these 11 million people that have crossed the border illegally. We see now municipalities, counties all across the country are going to let these illegal aliens vote. And then they’re trying to figure out a way that they can easily vote in the federal national elections as well. So he doesn’t really want to solve this problem. This is a political gesture… Simple policy changes, use that USMCA trade agreement. That’s what would fix the problem. This is all political theater.”

On Mayorkas Testimony that the Technology at our Border is not Operational: 

“Well, you and I have both been on the border multiple times, Maria, and that technology is set up to help count the known ‘gotaways’. So we’re probably at well over 2 million known ‘gotaways’ that have been to this country that the border patrol officers are seeing, or this technology equipment is seeing as well. And what I’m concerned about is, that for hours, for days, for weeks at a time, this technology is not working, that our border patrol officers are so busy being nurses being social workers delivering meals, that they cannot do their job.”

“These are the people that have never been vetted. And of course, the ‘gotaways’ are the people that are the professional criminals. They’re bringing across fentanyl. They’re doing the human trafficking.”

On Anti-Israel Protesters on College Campuses Nationwide:

“Where’s Joe Biden on this? Where’s the university presidents? Look, these rioters are breaking the law. But additionally, the university presidents are breaking the law as well. They need to be held accountable as well. It is time for the police to step in. It’s time for the National Guard to step in… What did President Reagan do when he was Governor? He stepped in on the situation. What did President Eisenhower do in a similar situation in 1954? You have to stop the illegal crimes. We are not a land of lawlessness. And that’s what we’re seeing right now. If you are not a student and you’re on campus, you’re trespassing. Throw them in jail. If you’re an illegal alien and you’re there on that campus, you need to be deported. And then let’s hold those university presidents accountable as well.”