ICYMI: Sen. Marshall Discusses Bombshell COVID Report: China is Complicit in the COVID-19 Origins and Must be Held Accountable 

(Washington, D.C., April 18, 2023) – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. appeared on Mornings with Maria to discuss the new bombshell report he released last night on the origins of  COVID-19. Senator Marshall also responded to yesterday’s report of two individuals accused of operating a Chinese Communist Party-affiliated surveillance station in New York City, and his legislation to crackdown on CCP agents spying on individuals on U.S. soil.   

You may click HERE or on the image below to watch the full interview. 

Highlights from his interview include:

On two possible 2019 lab accidents at the Wuhan Institute of Virology: 

“The preponderance of evidence shows there were two lab leaks, the first one occurring probably somewhere around September timeframe in a Wuhan laboratory, an unintentional lab leak sometime in September of 2019. The Chinese then began vaccine research, and we think that is when this epidemic, which became a pandemic, actually exploded. 

“Most likely, they were developing this vaccine in a laboratory in the Wuhan University working on primates. We think that’s when some type of an aerosol was accidentally released from that laboratory, or a worker walked out with this very, very contagious virus.” 

“Right, Maria, I think we had a scale in front of us and we put all the evidence on one side that supports a natural spillover and the other on the lab origin of this, I think 95% of this is on the lab origin.” 

“The epidemiology of this virus, the phylogenetic process we got through point towards this as well. This virus was just too perfect, when it came out of that laboratory it was too perfect, it fit like a key into a lock into human lung cells. Additionally, it had a segment called a furin cleavage site, it had another spot that looks like a sliced it out of HIV virus put that right to the furin cleavage site. It’s just too perfect of a virus.”

On the Chinese Communist Party’s and U.S. Federal Agencies’ lack of transparency regarding the origins of the coronavirus:

“The Chinese have had their chance. The CCP has had their chance to tell us, to show us. They still won’t show us the DNA lab bank that Dr. Shi put down as well. They continue to be complicit in this.” 

“We need to look at ourselves as well and think about all the mistakes that we’ve made. Why did the NIH continue to hide information from us? As well as the other government agencies – USAID, The Department of Defense, both continue to hide information from us and doesn’t let us see the truth as well. We need to learn from this mistake. We don’t want this to ever happen again. 

“Every one of your listeners has been impacted by this virus in one way or another and we still don’t know how it happened or where it came from. And perfectly, no 100%, we certainly think the evidence points towards a lab leak, an unintentional lab leak and they made that virus right there in Wuhan.”

On CCP police stations in the U.S.:

“Certainly, Maria, the CCP is attacking America on the air, land, and the sea like you described. I do remember you talking about this months ago, that’s one of the reasons that we dropped legislation at the end of the work period several weeks ago, which would set up a 1-800 number to contact the FBI about this.”

“It’s absolutely true, these folks are out there basically operating like spies and there will be more to come on this and it’s in your backyard.”