Farm Bill Survey

Farm Bill Survey

Right now, the United States Senate is writing the Farm Bill, which will impact Kansans for the next 5 years. 

Our Kansas economy thrives on a strong agriculture industry, which in turn helps feed a hungry nation and world. This legislation needs to deliver the critical resources and support that our farmers, ranchers, growers, and producers have long relied upon. 

That is why I am asking members of Kansas’ agriculture community to take our Farm Bill survey. Your input through this survey will be informative as we continue our work on this important piece of legislation. We only write a farm bill every five years so it’s important we get it right. 

Kansans, like former Senator Pat Roberts and Bob Dole have played a key role in writing past farm bills. I’m excited to build on the successes of those before me, and do my part to ensure Kansas continues to be a global agriculture leader for years to come. Thank you, and I encourage you to make your voice heard by completing the survey below.

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