ICYMI: Sen. Marshall joins Fox Business on Debt Ceiling ‘Deal’

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined Fox Business’ Cavuto: Coast to

Coast to discuss his vote against Joe Biden’s Debt Ceiling ‘deal.’

You may click HERE to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview.

Highlights From Senator Marshall’s Interview Include: 
On Biden’s Debt Ceiling ‘Deal’:

“What we saw last night happening is when two storms collide, we had the storm in the national debt, as well as the debt limit colliding last night when two storms collide, it’s going to be ugly.”

“Why doesn’t this president understand… he’s basically printing money, borrowing more money, that’s fueling inflation. And that’s what your markets hate. Right now. They don’t like seeing all this instability, and there’s no end in sight to inflation.”

“I think the blame goes back to the White House. Why do they keep throwing more money, borrowing more money from our grandchildren, and then on top of that, a threat to borrow more money to pay for more of the Ukraine war, meanwhile, nothing to secure our southern border.”

“We can’t keep kicking the can down the road. What are we going to do about our national debt long term? This is the greatest threat to our national security, as well as our economy. So we need long term solutions.”