ICYMI: Sen. Marshall joins Fox News Radio: “When Two Storms Finally Collide, It’s Going to be Bad”

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss his vote against Joe Biden’s Debt Ceiling ‘deal, and the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness scam.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview. 

Highlights From Senator Marshall’s Interview Include: 

On his vote against Biden’s debt ceiling ‘deal’:

“I think we all knew that this was two huge storms that were brewing and headed for collision, the storm of the national debt as well as the debt limit, and they were coming together and when two storms finally collide, it’s going to be bad.”

“This legislation adds another $1.3 trillion of debt over this year, probably more next year. I think that just fuels inflation…What we also hoped to get out of this were some type of work requirements. And really when we read the fine print to work requirements disappeared. And then finally we were hoping to get some permitting reform, and at the end of the day, the permitting reform we saw was dust in the wind. It evaporated, there was nothing there.” 

“Kevin McCarthy did everything he could with the hand he was dealt, and everyone needs to understand that he only controlled about one half of one of the three levers that do the funding appropriations. So he did the best he could…I don’t criticize him, but we didn’t have any leadership out of the White House to circumvent this borrowing of money that’s just piling on the inflation.”

“They’re not done spending…When I listen to folks back home, what they’re still concerned about is the price of gas, groceries, their rent, those types of things. That’s why they’re concerned about their safety, security, but this is going to just drive inflation.”

On Kansans’ top concerns:

“Far and away what people are concerned about in Kansas is number one a drought, and that’s important because a third of our wheat crop is going to have to be plowed under. But you get beyond the drought, and it’s inflation. It’s a lack of people for the jobs we have. It’s their safety and security. That’s what folks are talking about.”

“A farmer should be harvesting that wheat crop any day now. And this fall, they’ll need to borrow money. The average farmer probably has about a $1 million operation loan. So two years ago, they were paying 2% for this operation loan, this year is going to be 6% or 7%. That’s how inflation impacts farmers in Kansas. And farmers are small businesses. I know not all your listeners are agricultural people, but just think of it as a small business where you have to borrow a million dollars just to restock those shelves.”

“This inflation is just killing people. And the lack of people for the jobs we have is just exploding. It’s been a problem for 15 years, but now it’s just unbearable.”

“One of the more common questions I get is, ‘What was Joe Biden thinking when he left Afghanistan? Why can’t Joe Biden control the border? Why do we have $5 a gallon of gasoline?’ And I have to stop and say wait a second, that’s what this President wants. He wants 10,000 people crossing the border every day. He wants this war in Ukraine to be drawn out. He literally wants to attack our civil liberties. So this is very calculated and the poor folks back home are just pulling their hair out wondering where is there any common sense in this.” 

“The average Kansan is spending $800 more a month now on basic necessities as Joe Biden was sworn into the office.”

On student loan repayment: 

“In Kansas, really across America, when we take out a loan, we expect to repay it.

“How do I look those folks that finished high school at age 18, they started a good union job there in the aerospace manufacturing sector of Wichita, and they’ve worked their whole life here. They didn’t take on any student loans. They’re making $80,000 a year now, they’ve got a little retirement, they got a fishing boat. How do I tell them, oh, by the way, the President of the United States now has the power of the purse. He wants to borrow another $300 billion from your grandchildren and pay these people’s loans back.” 

It doesn’t pass the smell test. This is why Americans don’t trust him, they have no confidence in this President. This is why his numbers are down.”