ICYMI: Sen. Marshall joins Mornings with Maria: “Let’s Stop Borrowing Money From China and Sending it to Ukraine.” 

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined Mornings with Maria on Fox Business to discuss the growing threat of the Chinese Communist Party infiltrating our schools, buying our land, and Chinese nationalist illegally crossing our southern border. Senator Marshall also discussed government spending and unifying Republicans against Joe Biden’s failed agenda.

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Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include: 

On Senator Marshall’s Border Invasion Resolution and Chinese nationals crossing our southern border:

“It’s a sad day in America, when the Chinese Communist Party is more concerned about the southern border, paying more attention to it than the President is. It’s even a sadder day when the people of Kansas are more worried about this open southern border than the White House is.”

“Kevin McCarthy presented legislation that would have decreased spending by 8%. Plus, made improvements at our southern border. But that would be my number one priority as we go through this next 45 days, is trying to figure out a way we can leverage this moment into some type of increased security for our southern border.”

“18,000 Chinese nationals crossed the border in this past year; 6,000 alone in June. It’s a very, very contrite effort to infiltrate our system, to infiltrate our society, they’re posing as teachers, as investigators. They’re setting up shop right next to our military institute’s This is truly a code blue emergency at our border. Our border is hemorrhaging right now. And our president is ignoring it.”

“But one of the [CCP] angles on this is to collect the DNA of every plant, animal and human being in the entire world, then they can use that DNA against us. There’s certainly great things they can do with it, but certainly also significant harm to humans, but more importantly, perhaps is our food sources as well, they could develop a virus that would take out the wheat crop in Kansas.”

“Again, I’m much more concerned about [the CCP] theft of our intellectual property, cyber attacks, bioterrorism than I am about how big their army is. On the USDA side of this, the food side of this, yes, they’re buying critical land, farmland in Kansas and across the country.”

“We are basically in a Cold War with China right now that they’re infiltrating our schools, they’re infiltrating all across the United States. They already released a virus that killed a million Americans. What type of signal are we waiting for?”

“We need to wake up. We need to take care of our own schools, we need to protect our own intellectual property, we need to stop all their counterfeits from coming across here. They’re killing 300 Americans a day with their fentanyl poisoning. How does Joe Biden sleep at night? I don’t know.”

On Ending the Blank Check to Ukraine: 

“We’ve talked to tens of thousands of Kansans on telephone town halls the past several weeks. 75%-80% of Kansas don’t want one more cent going to Ukraine until we secure our own border. Look if the White House wants to do something, they’ve only implemented about half of their banking sanctions. We asked for an inspector general, we didn’t get an inspector general, Poland is bailing on them as well. Look, let’s get our own house in order.”

“Let’s stop borrowing money from China and sending it to Ukraine. Let’s focus on the things that we can control. Let’s get our national debt under control. Let’s secure our southern border. Let’s lock in on those two wishes. Let’s join together as Republicans and push back on Joe Biden once and for all.”

On Government Funding and Uniting Republicans:

“I wish they would see the same vigor attacking Joe Biden’s policy, the same vigor that’s allowed Joe Biden to give us open borders, he’s ruined our economy. He’s put us beholding the Chinese Communist Party. Let’s unite for once, let’s fight back, and let’s push against Joe Biden.”

“Take three steps back, just look and think about the next generation, not your next press hit, not your next election. Let’s focus on the next generation. Let’s make America safe again. Let’s get our financial house in order, we’ve got 45 days to do it, and the Senate is out of session, basically less than one day for the next two weeks.”