ICYMI: Sen. Marshall on Debt Ceiling: “This is a Time For Us To Stand Up”

(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. appeared on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins to discuss the House debt ceiling ‘deal’ between Speaker McCarthy and President Biden, as well as the new revelation that the United States sent $1.3 billion to China and Russia. During the interview, Sen. Marshall also applauded Sen. Tuberville’s leadership in holding this administration accountable for their illegal Department of Defense abortion policies.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview.

On Debt Ceiling ‘Deal:’

“Pre-covid we were spending about $4.5 trillion per year, now we’re at about $6.5 trillion per year. So they want to make this the new baseline. At the end of the day, this country is $31 trillion dollars in debt. We’re spending $500, $600 billion dollars in interest alone.”

“This is unsustainable, this is the greatest threat to our country’s national security, for the future of my grandchildren, to schools, to roads and bridges, this is just something that we cannot keep kicking down the road. This is a time for us to stand up.”

“I don’t blame Speaker McCarthy. I think he negotiated the best he could, remember – America gave him one of three levers when it comes to the appropriation process. Americans gave us President Biden and Chuck Schumer to lead the Senate. They govern like they’re part of this green socialist party. They don’t govern like they’re moderates.”

 “I hope America remembers this come the next election, Kevin did the best job he could, but I am not satisfied – I cannot put my name on this legislation.”

On U.S. Money Funding Research in China:

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me that we would allow this to continue. So, I think the preponderance of evidence shows the Covid virus was made, and released, accidentally, in a lab in Wuhan, China, funded with American tax dollars in that research. And we’re still funding that Wuhan lab.”

“This would be the equivalent of sending money to Iran for nuclear research and saying we’re going to do nuclear power research but in reality we know they’re going to end up with nuclear bombs. So the story continues, you can’t make this stuff up.”

On funding woke policies and reigning in the liberal agenda:

“All this legislation does is slow down the increase. So, the increase wouldn’t be as big as Joe Biden would want it. He wanted current levels plus something, and this slows it down a little bit, but it’s insignificant. Again, this is the president that’s governing like he’s part of this woke green socialist party. Science be darned.”

On Sen. Tuberville’s fight against funded abortions in the military:  

“It’s tax dollars, and by the way, it’s against the law. The Hyde Amendment is something you and I have been fighting for to protect for probably a decade now. So, we think this is a violation of the Hyde Amendment and it would use taxpayer funds to fund abortions for our military. 

“What’s interesting to me is that the Department of Defense picked this fight. They didn’t have to pick the fight. But they took a law that said this is not possible, this is unlawful, and they used a rule to trump that, if you will. So it’s pretty frustrating that we have a White House that ignores laws and wants to make up his own.”

“Why do we have 10,000 people being apprehended at the border every day – it’s because Joe Biden wants that. He wants people watching that problem, meanwhile he’s attacking our civil liberties, our religious rights as well, it couldn’t be more frustrating for me to watch this.”

“We did the memorial service the other day at Fort Riley standing over the graves of 4,700 soldiers from the Big Red One division – they died for our liberties. And here we have a president that wants to take away those liberties with a disregard for the constitution and the law of the land.”