ICYMI: Sen. Marshall on Newsmax: No More Ukraine Funding – Secure Our Southern Border

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined Wake Up Americaon Newsmax where he addressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to Congress today. The Senator also discussed his Ag Mental Health Awareness campaign, which is intended to bring attention to the mental health resources that are available to farmers, ranchers, and our rural communities.

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Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include:

On additional American aid to Ukraine:

“I’ve been very clear for months now that I would not give any more funding towards the Ukraine war until we secured our southern border. You know, this year alone, this federal government is going to spend $2 trillion more than we took in. We’re gonna spend $700 billion in interest. Look, there’s just not enough money left to go around the world. I’m still disappointed in the European Union’s commitment to this battle as well. Even yesterday, we’re seeing the Poland president say goodness, this is a drowning war right now.”

On his Ag Mental Health Aware Campaign:

“September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and our farmers and ranchers have a three times higher suicide rate than other professions. So we are just trying to get the word out across the state, and I appreciate all the different organizations that have helped us do that, that they’re not alone, that the farmers and ranchers, this is the worst economy in the farm, in the ag world in my entire lifetime. Inflation is just kicking them in the tail right now.

“We’ve had drought, high interest rates, all those things are adding up to lots of pressure. And we have resources out there. People can call 988, that’s 988 or text 988, and say you’re in trouble, you’re having some challenges. Within a minute, you’ll be talking to a behavior health specialist of some sort. And they’re going to plug you into one of those multiple programs. Even in the last Farm Bill 2018, we set up mental health programs for agriculture, we’re there to help you and you’re not alone.”

“It’s an enormous amount of pressure that you don’t want to be the person that loses the farm. And when interest rates went from 2% to 9%, thanks to Joe Biden printing trillions of dollars, it’s just a huge, huge pressure that we are upside down really, the farmers will lose money this year.”

“Our farmers are pretty proud people, they refuse to go get help. I want to encourage those spouses, daughters, sons, parents to reach out to your neighbor. Reach out to your neighbor and ask them how they’re doing and invite them back to church.”