ICYMI: Sen. Marshall Slams Joe Biden for Empowering Iran- The World’s Leading State Sponsor of Terrorism

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined his Senate Republican colleagues to demand that the Biden Administration freeze and rescind the $6 billion in assets that Joe Biden sent to Iran last month, just weeks before Hamas’ barbaric attack on Israel. It has since been widely reported that Iran helped plan Hamas’ the attacks on Israel that left 30 American citizens dead and dozens more unaccounted for.

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Highlights from Senator Marshall’s remarks include:

“The White House has to make a choice. You cannot be pro-Israel and pro-Iran, you have to make that decision. There’s no way that you can support both of these people.”

“I have a hunch that the moment the Biden administration unfroze this $6 billion was the sentinel moment when the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard told Hamas, ‘let’s go forward with this plan.’”

Joe Biden is the most pro-Iranian president we’ve ever had. Think about it, it goes way beyond this $6 billion we’re talking about. Under this administration, the Iranian reserves have went from $6 billion to $60 billion. So they have $60 billion in reserve, well, how come?”

“Since the moment Joe Biden got in office, he turned his head to the sanctions that we’ve had. The Iranian ghost armada has grown from 60 ships to 300 ships, taking Iranian or Russian oil, and selling that to China, now to the tune of a billion dollars a week. So Joe Biden is allowing Iran to make a billion dollars a week now to fund terrorism.”

“Let’s think about Joe Biden’s relationship with Iran for just a second here. From even the time he’s campaigning he all but guaranteed that Iran would be able to develop nuclear weapons. And for all practical purposes, they have them. They’ve enriched uranium up to 60%, they can put that uranium in series and quickly have an atomic bomb. Think about the consequences of that.”

“So Iran not only funds the terrorists, they feed the terrorists, they arm the terrorists, they plan the terrorist attacks, just like they planned this attack as well. They coordinate all these terrorist attacks.”

Joe Biden is in bed with Iran for all practical purposes, he empowers them. So he says he’s pro-Israel, but his actions say he’s pro-Iran, and you have to choose one or the other.” 

“Our number one priority should be to get American hostages and American citizens back home safely.” 

“We need to disavow our relationship with Iran and condemn them. Why won’t this White House step up and condemn Iran yet? Have we heard anything yet from this White House condemning what Iran has done?”

“Finally, this is the third point we need to make. Let’s talk about Hamas just for a second. In the same sense that the United States cannot tolerate nuclear warheads in Cuba, Israel cannot live with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”