ICYMI: Senator Marshall Joins Fox News Live To Discuss Border Invasion and Government Spending

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined Fox News Live to discuss the Senators resolution that would declare the crisis at our southern border an invasion as defined by the United States Constitution, granting each state the right to secure their border themselves. 

Senator Marshall also discussed his vote against the Continuing Resolution that went through the Senate yesterday, and his concern for long term consequences of the nation’s debt crisis.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview. 

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include: 

On Senator Marshall’s resolution declaring the southern border crisis an invasion:

“I’ve been at the border four times myself, and just watching the tape here reminds me of the true crisis that was, and that is an invasion.”

“So what our resolution would do, based upon the Constitution, is declare this an official invasion that would empower the governor of Texas to do what he needs to do.”

“Again, this is the number one most immediate national security threat that this nation is facing. Every day, we’re losing 300 people to fentanyl poisoning. We’ve lost more people in the past year to fentanyl poisoning than we did during the Vietnam War. That’s how critical this is. And that’s why I said, look, not one more cent for Ukraine until we fund the border, until we secure our border.”

“Well, we’ve had conversations with 10’s of 1000’s of Kansans in the past two weeks, and they’re concerned about their security, actually overtaking inflation as their number one concern. So like it or not, it’s going to be an issue for this Presidential election. But regardless, what we need is a policy, that number one is to require a timetable and funding to finish the wall.”

“We need to change quite a bit of the policies, we need to enact in law that we stop catch and release, that we enact in law, the Remain in Mexico policy, raise the bar for asylum as well. We need border patrol officers, let’s put in legislation to take away funding for Biden’s IRS agents and let’s instead get more Border Patrol agents.”

On Senator Marshall’s vote on the CR: 

“I said from the very beginning, I would not support any type of continuing resolutions, any short gap measures this year. Number two, I said that there had to be funding to secure the border, and no more funding for Ukraine.”

“But today, the Senate’s only going to be in session for one day in the next two weeks… Americans need to realize when we go into this crisis mode, it empowers the swamp here in D.C. and allows the lobbyists to slip in more and more things.”

“Let’s have an open process. Tomorrow, the Senate should be considering the 12 appropriation funds. One at a time, put them in broad daylight, let the people on the Committee defend what they passed out of Committee. We told them at the very beginning, there’d be no more continuing resolutions, there’ll be no more omnibuses, here we are, same chapter, next verse, same song.”