ICYMI: Senator Marshall Joins KAKE In-Studio to Address Crime in Wichita and Upcoming Impeachment Trial for DHS Sec. Mayorkas 

Wichita, KS – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined KAKE live in-studio to discuss fentanyl poisoning as well as the uptick in crime across the Greater Wichita Region ahead of his Western Sedgwick County roundtable today. Senator Marshall also previewed what’s next for Secretary Mayorkas’ impeachment and Senate Democrats’ historic attempt to table an impeachment trial- the first time in U.S. Senate history.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview.

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include:

On fentanyl and increased crime in Wichita:

“Crime is on the uptick across the country. I think the first thing I’d do is compliment your local law enforcement officers, that they indeed are following it very closely… You know, my dad, the chief of police, taught me wherever there’s drugs, there’s going to be crime, and with this big uptick in fentanyl, there’s just not going to be anything to do but fight this crime back.” 

“I think the most important thing I learned from that crime roundtable though is they’re not going to arrest themselves out of it. We’ve got to stop this porous open border, [and the drugs] that we have coming in from Mexico, 90% of this fentanyl coming in across our open southern border.”

On looming impeachment trial for failed DHS Secretary Mayorkas:

“Americans are demanding the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas. He broke the law. He did not enforce the law. He broke his oath. The House has had their impeachment hearing, and they’re gonna bring those papers Wednesday to the Senate Floor where we should have a trial. But for the first time in American history, the leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, is going to table this process. So we’re gonna do everything we can to fight against tabeling it.” 

“We think that America deserves an open hearing. Joe Biden needs to hear exactly what the results are of his open border: 300 Americans dying every day from fentanyl poisoning.” 

“I think he’s broken the law. He’s required by law to have a secure border, and no one can walk in here and say, ‘oh, our border is secure.’ Number two is he’s broke the law regarding what’s called parole. So Joe Biden has paroled 2 million people. And he’s done that illegally. The law requires him doing it one person at a time. He’s doing it tens and twenty thousands of people at a time. Even under Barack Obama, he only paroled about 5,000 people in four years. Joe Biden paroled 2 million people. So he’s abused that power, and Secretary Mayorkas should be held accountable.”