Sen. Marshall Offers Evacuation Assistance To Kansans In Haiti

Wichita, KS- Following the U.S. State Department’s announcement advising Americans to evacuate Haiti due to the unraveling security situation, Senator Marshall’s office is working around the clock to provide evacuation assistance to Kansans. As conditions in Haiti continue to deteriorate,  U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. encourages Kansans currently in Haiti or with loved ones in the country to evacuate immediately. Senator Marshall’s office stands ready to help in these evacuation efforts and has set up an evacuation assistance email address for Kansans to get immediate help.

“With the escalating volatility in the area, we want to make sure every Kansan and all Americans can safely and quickly evacuate from Haiti,” Senator Marshall said. “Our office stands ready to provide assistance to ALL Kansans in evacuating Haiti immediately. If you or a loved one needs help safely evacuating, please do not hesitate to contact our office, who is standing by and watching this situation closely.”

Anyone in Haiti or with family in the country is encouraged to email or call (785) 829-9000.

Please know you can depend on Senator Marshall’s office for help during these uncertain times. Senator Marshall’s office has been successful in helping Kansans evacuate from other emergencies, including Afghanistan, Israel, Lebanon, and multiple countries during COVID-19 lockdowns.