Sen. Marshall Statement on President Biden’s Infrastructure Proposal

“Democrats should call this the ‘Grab your Wallet Bill’ or the ‘Raise your Taxes Bill”

(Washington, D.C., March 31, 2021) – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall issued the following statement after President Biden unveiled his $2 trillion infrastructure plan of which less than 6% goes to roads and bridges. The package also raises taxes and places burdensome regulations on the American people.

“With only 6% of this package going towards roads and bridges, this is hardly an infrastructure package. The Democrats should call this the ‘Grab your Wallet Bill’ or the ‘Raise your Taxes Bill,’” said Senator Marshall. “I’m for an infrastructure plan that invests in future generations, but we have to figure out how to pay for it. The President has once again produced a partisan proposal loaded with Green New Deal type pet projects and with no way to pay for it. This bill is just another ploy to spend your money, raise your taxes, and increase regulations. All Kansans should be concerned as this is a recipe to kill the economy at a time when our nation is still recovering from COVID.”

Senator Marshall was recently on FOX News to discuss the Democrat’s infrastructure proposal. You may click HERE or on the image below to watch Senator Marshall’s interview in its entirety.


The FAST Act, which is the current infrastructure measure, expired in September of last year. Congress provided a one-year extension, with the new deadline of September 30th of this year.

Biden corporate tax hike could shrink US economy, slash US jobs, study shows (FOX Business) Biden’s plan to raise corporate taxes would reduce GDP by 0.8% and eliminate 159,000 jobs

REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ (D-NY): “One of the big goals we had when we introduced the Green New Deal was to show how people thought about climate change from being a billion dollar problem to a trillion-dollar opportunity…. This infrastructure package generally seems to be shaping up in that kind of framework.” (“Biden’s Big Plan,” The New York Times, 3/23/2021)

“The infrastructure component is expected to include $400 billion in spending to combat climate change, including $60 billion for infrastructure related to green transit and $46 billion for climate-related research and development. The plan also would aim to make electric-vehicle charging stations available across the country.” (“White House Prepares Massive Infrastructure Bill With Universal Pre-K, Free Community College, Climate Measures,” The Washington Post, 3/22/2021)

“The Biden administration’s next big legislative push is starting to take shape. It’s generally described as an infrastructure package, but that’s a bit of a misnomer. What the White House is planning covers not just building stuff like roads and bridges, but all of the structural economic changes on which President Joe Biden campaigned.” (“Breaking Down Biden’s Opening Gambit On Infrastructure,” Politico’s Playbook, 3/23/2021)

REP. JOHN YARMUTH (D-KY): “It’s gonna be a kitchen sink.” (“Drug Pricing, Climate, Immigration: House Dems Eye ‘Kitchen Sink’ For Next Big Bill,” Politico, 3/19/2021)

“Less than two weeks after President Joe Biden signed into law one of Congress’ most expansive measures in decades, House Democratic leaders are already dreaming bigger…. [T]op House Democrats are eyeing ways to muscle through drug pricing and climate policy goals using [the Senate’s reconciliation process]…. House Democrats are in discussions about including two of the caucus’ signature bills — one, a drug pricing bill known as H.R. 3, and another a sweeping green infrastructure bill known as H.R. 2 — as part of the next reconciliation package, according to people familiar with their plans.” (“Drug Pricing, Climate, Immigration: House Dems Eye ‘Kitchen Sink’ For Next Big Bill,” Politico, 3/19/2021)