Sen. Marshall: The Entire World Deserves To Know the Origins of COVID-19

(Washington, D.C., May 25, 2021) – In January 2020, then Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D. was the first member of Congress to sound the alarm on the House floor about the spread of COVID-19. As a physician, he would later go on to serve on the frontlines as a volunteer treating patients in Wyandotte County and Seward County. Today, Senator Marshall delivered remarks on the origins of COVID-19 on the Senate floor saying in part, “Sixteen months into the most catastrophic health disaster of our lifetime and we still have more questions than answers… The world deserves to know – and needs to know – where and how it started… And I’m here today to tell you the preponderance of evidence suggests this virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan. But first, let’s look at the mounting evidence suggesting COVID-19 is truly a super virus – the product of lab manipulations, including viral gain of function.” Click HERE or the image below to watch this excerpt of the speech.

Senator Marshall also said in part, “For SARS, it took four months to find an intermediate host, the civet, a raccoon looking mammal… And for MERS, it took nine months to find the virus occurring naturally in bats, and the intermediate host was camels. Yet, with COVID-19, here we are some 16 months later and we have no intermediate host and no COVID-19 found in a live bat. The Chinese tell us they’ve tested over 80,000 viral sequences and have come up empty… coincidence?” Click HERE or the image below to watch this excerpt of the speech.

Senator Marshall continued, “…Today, all evidence points to the geographical start of this virus, from, or in very close proximity to the Wuhan labs… The chances of a bat carrying this highly infectious virus a thousand miles away without leaving a trail of infections between Yunnan and the WIV would be like the same person walking from New York to Kansas and being struck by lightning seven times and surviving. Again, China has the evidence to prove these theories wrong, and I welcome that data.” Click HERE or the image below to watch this excerpt of the speech.

Finally, Senator Marshall said in part, “…We have to get to the bottom of this, regardless of whose fault it is or isn’t… which is why I am calling on the U.S. delegation to the World Health Assembly meeting this week to do everything in its power to ensure that a full and unrestricted international scientific and forensic investigation into the origins will be authorized and for a parallel comprehensive bipartisan Senate investigation into the origins as well… But, in the meantime, the American people – really, the entire world – deserves to know the answers to the origins of COVID-19.” Click HERE or the image below to watch this excerpt of the speech.

You may click HERE to watch Senator Marshall’s speech in its entirety.

Senator Marshall was on FOX Business yesterday to talk about the origins of COVID-19 saying in part that “there is a lot of smoke here” considering China has had 16 months to prove the virus did not leak from their Wuhan Institute of Virology and so far they haven’t. As it relates to the World Health Organization doing an investigation, Senator Marshall said, “They will need a watch dog and they need unfettered access. I think if China gave us all the data, all the unfettered access, I think it would be great to have scientists from all over the world – not just the United States – but we can’t wait. We have to go down several parallel roads at the same time. We can walk and chew gum.” You may click HERE or on the image below to watch Senator Marshall’s interview in its entirety.

Senator Marshall recently penned an op-ed for FOX News about the importance of getting to the bottom of the origins of COVID-19. The Senator said in part, “In approximately two weeks, the U.S. will be represented at the World Health Assembly where we need to ally with all nations and fight for a full and unrestricted investigation of the origin of COVID-19. We must demand full access to all relevant records, samples, and key personnel. If bad actors continue to obfuscate and prevent this investigation from happening, we can’t take no for an answer. Regardless, Congress must start our own parallel investigation now.” You may click HERE to read Senator Marshall’s op-ed in its entirety.

The op-ed came on the heels of Senator Marshall introducing a resolution calling for a bipartisan Select Committee to investigate the origins of COVID-19. The bipartisan Select Committee would consist of an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, chosen by the Leaders of their respective parties, and would have one year to compete its investigation and report to Congress and the American people.

Finally, Senator Marshall recently questioned Dr. Anthony Fauci at a Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) hearing about the origins of COVID-19. You may click HERE to watch the back and forth.