Sen. Marshall: We Are Witnessing the Most Hypocritical Policy Switch We’ve Ever Seen

(Washington, D.C., January 14, 2022) – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. recently spoke on the Senate floor about the importance of the filibuster and the Democrats’ hypocrisy as they make plans to destroy it. Senator Marshall said in part,

“Anyone who has an appreciation for our founding knows the purpose of the filibuster is to indeed frustrate the majority. To serve as an additional check in our government and drive consensus and cooperation. Its purpose is to protect the rights of the minority and prevent the tyranny of the majority… Sadly, we are now witnessing the most blatant hypocritical policy switch we’ve ever seen, as many current Democrat Senators – and the President – have abandoned those principles. This flip-flop appears to be all in the name of greed and power. They want to break the filibuster so they can break other institutions such as the Supreme Court and state run elections to rig our political system in their favor because they can’t win on their own radical Socialist policies.”

You may click HERE or on the image below to watch Senator Marshall’s remarks:

Senator Marshall was recently on FOX Business discussing the filibuster. You may click HERE or on the image below to watch.