Senator Marshall: Far left is trying to Weaponize Supreme Court

Senator Talks About Border Crisis, the Filibuster, and Court Packing on FOX Business

(Washington, D.C., April 16, 2021) – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. was on FOX Business this morning to talk about the border crisis and the Democrat’s legislation to expand the U.S. Supreme Court – otherwise known as court packing. The legislation would expand the number of Supreme Court Justices from nine to 13 and in turn provide the ability for Democrats to pack the court with liberal activist judges. The legislation comes a week after President Joe Biden – who has previously opposed court packing – launched a partisan commission to study expanding the Supreme Court. You may click HERE or on the image below to watch Senator Marshall’s interview.

On the Democrat’s legislation to expand the Supreme Court: “This is an attempted power grab by the extreme left. This is an example of President Biden kowtowing to his extreme left as well. The President himself said this was a “bonehead idea” and Ruth Bader Ginsburg said nine is just fine. What the far left is trying to do now is weaponize the Supreme Court…”

On the filibuster: “So far Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema have been standing tall, and I want to encourage them to keep standing tall. It’s one more example of a power grab – H.R. 1 and the filibuster, those are all examples of power grabs. Americans need to remember, the purpose of the filibuster is to force Democrats and Republicans to work together for long-term solutions. Without this we have uncertainty and uncertainty is business’ worst enemy.”

On Vice President Harris not visiting the border and blaming the crisis on climate change and agriculture: “Ignorance is bliss. If the VP herself would go to the border and talk to the border patrol officers, even talk to some of the migrants, and ask what’s the surge from, she would learn right away it’s about the policy and it’s about the moment that she and the President were sworn in. It’s about the policy of an open invitation, open borders, and mass amnesty.”


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