Senator Marshall: Israel, America Stands Beside You

(Washington, D.C., May 19, 2021) – Today, U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined his colleagues at a press conference and called for the Biden administration to stand firmly with our ally Israel, as the Israelis continue to defend themselves against relentless terrorist attacks by Hamas. You may click HERE or on the image below to watch Senator Marshall’s remarks from today’s press conference.

Senator Marshall’s remarks:

This nation is in a crisis. We’re importing more oil from Russia than Alaska, our southern border is overwhelmed, our checking accounts are riddled with inflation, we are standing in line for gasoline. And once again, there is no peace in the Middle East. America, are you tired of losing yet? I want to stop and just remind Americans of who Hamas really is. They’re a murderous, anti-sematic, misogynistic terrorist organization funded and armed by Iran who never condemned the 9/11 attack. And if given the opportunity, Hamas would brutally kill every Israelite. Israel on the other hand, Israel is: America’s long-time ally, the only democracy in the Middle East, our eyes and ears in a troubled region, portions of which plot to kill Americans. I stand here to condemn in the strongest terms the Hamas aggression and release of some 3,000 Iranian rockets. And let me say unequivocally, Israel has every right to defend themselves and must keep defending themselves. Israel should not bow to the White House passive policy, or the anti-Israel voice that has sprung up on the other side of this capitol, or from the liberal media. Look, the world is testing our current President and our entire country right now as they see the same crisis we all see facing this great nation, many of which seemingly created by ourselves. Let’s take a look at the Obama-Biden policy of the Middle East. They embolden and enrich Iran, the funder and supplier of weapons to terrorists, they discredit and halt the historic progress of the Abraham Accords, and ignore Israel. Americans need to recall it took over a month for the President to call the President of Israel, and we still don’t have a nominee for the Ambassador to Israel. And finally, the White House has handed out hundreds of millions of dollars to Palestinians. All of these are signals to Iran and Hamas: go ahead, full speed ahead. Look, I know that we are all praying for peace everywhere, and I know that many Christians and Jews across the world are praying for the safety and sovereignty of Israel. But instead of telling Israel to put down their swords after they were attacked without provocation, we should be saying, “Israel, we stand beside you.” Like we do all our allies.