Senator Marshall Joins Chris Salcedo Show on Newsmax: We’re going to be there fighting for Americans back home

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined the Chris Salcedo Show on Newsmax to discuss the House of Representatives TikTok legislation, Special Counsel Robert Hur’s testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Senator Marshalls’ End Aerial Invasion Act that would block airlines from transporting illegal migrants to DCA using the CBP One App.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview. 

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include:

On Special Counsel Hur’s testimony today in Senate Judiciary Committee:

“Americans know that Joe Biden had a brazen disrespect for the law, that he was smuggling out classified briefings, documents that were top secret, and then held on to them for years. They also saw that there was certainly plenty of legal information there that proved that he broke the law. And they’re wondering why there is this double standard. And then lastly, they saw at the end, they asked themselves, just how senile is Joe Biden that despite all this evidence, they’re not going to press any charges. America is going to see this and ultimately it’s up with America what to do with this evidence come November.”

On Senator Marshall’s legislation to ban airlines from letting illegal migrants fly with the CBP One App:

“Essentially, Joe Biden has flown in at least 300,000 illegal aliens, and they use the CBP One App as their I.D. so they don’t really have a driver’s license, they don’t have a passport. We need to all realize that these people were never vetted properly. So not only is it for free, my bigger concern is they’re jeopardizing the safety of the other Americans that are on that plane. And what our bill would do is to shut down those airlines’ ability to fly into DCA if they participate in this type of operation using the CBP one app as a form of identification.”

On the U.S. House voting to ban TikTok: 

“TikTok is just another brand to the CCP’s military. This is their espionage and their propaganda branch. So they use this to brainwash our children, and then they save information that can and will be used against us later in life.”