Senator Marshall Joins Fox News to Discuss Bipartisan Support for Accountability and Transparency for Covid-19 

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined America’s Newsroom on Fox News to discuss the Senate committee hearing today on the origins of Covid-19 and the importance of transparency and accountability for the origins of Covid-19 to ensure it never happens again. 

For nearly four years, Senator Marshall has been sounding the alarm on the federal government’s role in deadly gain-of-function research that was funded by U.S. taxpayers and conducted in Wuhan, China labs. Senator Marshall has been fighting to not only uncover the origins of this virus but to make sure this can never happen again. 

In this fight Senator Marshall has been working across the aisle, emphasizing that this is not a partisan mission, this is a matter of national security. Today, he joined Fox News with Democrat Jamie Metzl, Ph.D., a Democrat who served in the Clinton NSC. Over the past several years, Sen. Marshall and Metzl have forged a unique relationship aimed at unraveling the mysteries surrounding the origins of Covid-19.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview.

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include: 

On the uncovering of the Covid-19 lab leak and Senate HSGAC Committee hearing on examining evidence: 

“First of all, we need to remember why this is so important. We need to find out the origins of Covid-19 so it doesn’t happen again, so we honor the million Americans who lost their lives and get some closure for their family, and the 15 million Americans with long Covid. 

“There is a lengthy amount of evidence that suggests and really proves that this virus was made there in the lab in Wuhan, China. We’re going to talk about that today. And then we need to get to a 9/11 style commission, get this out of the bright lights and cameras of D.C. and take it to someplace like Kansas City and investigate it further. So I think today we’re going to be talking to experts, and most of them, we’re going to be talking about why this virus was made in Wuhan. And actually that we’ve funded bits and pieces of this viral Gain-of-Function research.”

“Americans always assume the best of people, but whenever you’re funding research in Wuhan, China, anywhere in China, you have to realize that the military is intimately involved with this one way or the other. And for all we know, they’re developing bioweapons. Now, you know, we don’t know that. But the epidemiology actually points that this came from a laboratory in Wuhan, the epidemiologist tells us this, this virus had spread all over the country all over different continents before the major market breakout there in Wuhan.”

“Everything about this virus points that it was manmade, we paid for the research to develop a protein spike that was eventually used to make the protein spike for SARS-CoV-2 and insert a Furin cleavage site. So we were indirectly involved in lots of this research.”

“We taught China how to do it. We gave him the mice to study. That’s why this is a national security issue. We need to stop doing research with our enemies. It just doesn’t come out good for us.”