Senator Marshall Joins GOP Colleagues In Press Conference Demanding Vote On Laken Riley Act

Washington, D.C. –  U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D., joined his GOP Colleagues for a press conference on the Laken Riley Act. In the press conference, senators slammed Joe Biden’s border crisis and discussed its impacts on communities across the country. 

The Senators also called for an immediate vote on the Laken Riley Act on the Senate Floor. Lakens murder was completely preventable; she was killed at the hands of an illegal migrant who had already committed multiple crimes on U.S. soil and should have been detained long before killing Laken in broad daylight.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full remarks.

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s remarks include:

“I think first and foremost is to honor the life of Laken Riley and to mourn her loss, and we want her family to know that we’re standing beside them, and we’re not gonna let her life pass in vain.”

“I don’t have to tell anybody in the audience that she was murdered, senselessly murdered, and her alleged murderer was an illegal alien. This was done in broad daylight without any cause whatsoever. I was stricken this weekend as I heard Lakens father speak, and he said this might not have happened if we had secure borders.”

“Her alleged murderer was paroled by Joe Biden, one of 2 million people paroled by Joe Biden. How can you possibly begin to vet two million people when you bring them into this country, hundreds of thousands of them flown into the country.”

“We’re seeing Laken Riley’s story played out day after day. Today, three hundred Americans are going to die from fentanyl poisoning. In Kansas last year alone, law enforcement officers were able to stop two hundred pounds of fentanyl enough to kill forty million Americans. Kansas has three million people but they were able to apprehend enough fentanyl to kill 40 million, enough to kill every Kansan 14 times.”

“We need to secure the border. If our friends across the aisle were serious about securing the border, they would give us a vote on the Laken Riley Act, and force law enforcement to detain any illegal aliens who commit a crime. I stand beside Senator Budd today hoping that we get that vote this week.”