Senator Marshall Joins KAKE Live in Studio Honoring Those Who Have Made the Ultimate Sacrifice this Memorial Day

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined KAKE live in studio to discuss Senator Marshall’s upcoming events this Memorial Day weekend hosting Kansas Gold Star Families in Washington, D.C. for the First Division Monument expansion rededication ceremony. 

Additionally, Senator Marshall discussed the recent Farm Bill Framework that was released by Senate Democrats.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview.

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include:

On Senator Marshall hosting Kansas Gold Star Families in D.C. for Memorial Day weekend:

“So as most of your listeners know, Fort Riley is home of the First Infantry Division, the Big Red One. And since World War One, the Big Red One has been the first group, the first soldiers into battle. And there is a monument outside of the White House that has the names of over 12,000 of those Big Red One soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.”

“But it literally takes an act of Congress to add names to that. So since 1995, we’ve had over 630 soldiers from the Big Red One make the ultimate sacrifice and this memorial Sunday, we’ll be honoring those soldiers, as well as flying in 12 Gold Star families.”

“A Gold Star family is someone who’s lost a loved one, who’s made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms, again, the first interdivisional for 12,000 of those soldiers that made that ultimate sacrifice – 631 since 1995. So you think about what Memorial Day weekend is, it’s really the day to pay honor to remember our loved ones, but especially soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. People get mixed up, Veterans Day, thank people for their service Memorial Day, Memorial Day weekend, if you know a Gold Star family reach out to them and say thank you for the sacrifice your loved one made.”

“I think there is that camaraderie and some closure, as well. And you know, we can never bring their loved one back, but it’s so important that we honor them. You know, I have a son in the military myself right now. And it’s important for those active duty soldiers to know that we’ll never forget that the price of freedom is not free.”

On the Farm Bill framework being released by Senate Democrats:

“We write a Farm Bill every five years. So it’s important we get this right on the House side, Congressman Tracey Mann, Congressman Estes will be working up a Farm Bill this week over there on the Ag Committee. We’re kind of stuck in the Senate right now. We’ve doubled the nutrition program from $60 to $120 billion.”

“But we need to up the crop insurance a little bit, you know, take the big storm last night. I’m sure there were some farmers somewhere in Russell County, Saline County, McPherson county that lost their wheat crop. What crop insurance does is allow us to plant next year’s crop. Farmers don’t make any money on it. But it’s very expensive. Crop insurance is very expensive.”

“No matter how good a farmer you are, if Mother Nature decides you’re gonna lose your crop, you lose it. We’ve all been through it. So we have a discussion going on in the Senate side about the crop insurance piece, but we’ll get it figured out.”