Senator Marshall Joins Mornings with Maria: November Can’t Come Soon Enough

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall joined Mornings with Maria on Fox Business to discuss President Trump leading in recent battleground state polling and the need to fire Joe Biden in November.

In the interview, Senator Marshall also discussed his legislation, The End Aerial Invasion Act and his recent op-ed discussing migrants using the CBP One app as valid forms of Identification at airports.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview. 

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include: 

On Americans ready for new leadership in the White House: 

“Well, Maria, first of all, the young people I talk to are very frustrated. They’re spending a thousand dollars more each month just to get by just for their groceries, their rent…they’ve seen the cost of a new mortgage double under Joe Biden as well, the number one concern for young folks is their safety and security and the economy. Inflation is killing them. This is the worst economy of my professional lifetime. Right now, they’re feeling the pinch of it. They’re ready for a change.”

“Don’t listen to what he says, watch what he does, and his actions are killing the economy, increasing regulations, killing small businesses, and they’re hurting young people the most. So that’s the number one issue, you can talk about different issues, but the number one concern for young folks and really for everybody is safety and security in the economy. Joe Biden is on his way out in November, can’t get here soon enough.”

On Senator Marshall’s legislation that cracks down on Joe Biden’s abuse of parole and flying migrants across the country: 

“So Congress has the authority to determine who flies in and out of Washington, D.C. – so what we’re saying is these airlines are bowing to Biden’s plan here which I think is illegal, they shouldn’t be able to fly into D.C. More specifically, under Joe Biden, he has paroled 400,000 people from Cuba, from Haiti, from Nicaragua, from Venezuela that have already been flown into some 40 different cities across America right now.”

“There’s 1.6 million people on the waiting list. And I can guarantee you these people have not been vetted properly. So we’re trying to figure out some way to slow down Joe Biden in this plan.” 

“We’re telling the airlines if you’re using that CBP One App as a valid ID, then we’re saying you can’t fly into D.C. I wish I could do more.”

On Senator Marshall’s legislation fighting against illegal aliens voting in elections.  

“Well, listen I want to make sure your listeners understand there is federal law right now that requires citizenship to be able to vote in a federal election. So whether it’s the president, the Senate, or your House members, they should have to be citizens. But right now, what’s been happening is this has been circumvented by allowing people to register to vote even though they’re not citizens registered to vote for local elections, then that’s going to explode into the federal elections when people that think that person running the polling booth can’t delineate the two. So our bill specifically targets Washington D.C., and says that if you’re not a citizen, you cannot vote in the D.C. election. 

“Again, Washington D.C. is a federal district. It’s not a state. So therefore Congress oversees those elections.”