Senator Marshall Joins Varney & Co on Fox Business On the Crime Crisis in the Nation’s Capital 

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined Varney & Co on Fox Business to discuss crime in Washington, D.C. and Senator Marshall’s legislation that fights back against illegal aliens voting in D.C. elections and would require anyone who votes in a municipal election to be a U.S. citizen and require proof of citizenship. 

In the interview, Senator Marshall also discussed his legislation, The End Aerial Invasion Act, and his recent op-ed discussing migrants using the CBP One app as valid forms of Identification at airports.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview.

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include:

On fighting back against illegal aliens voting in D.C.:

“So the Constitution clearly states that Congress shall oversee the District of Columbia. So the district is not a state, it’s a district. So when it comes to elections, what my concerns are, is that the District of Columbia is going to let illegal aliens vote in their local elections, which I think undermines democracy. I think that’s election interference.”

“But I’m also fearful that they’ll continue to elect leaders that believe in cashless bails, leaders that believe in defunding the police as well. So Congress has an obligation to keep the federal government safe up and running, we have an obligation to make it safe.”

On Senator Marshall’s End Aerial Invasion Act:

“Joe Biden’s already paroled and flown in 400,000 illegal immigrants, as far as I’m concerned through this new Parole Program. These are folks from Cuba, from Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, they use the CBP One app, and he flies 400,000 of them to 40 different communities and gives them parole. And then what we’re concerned about is they hop on another plane, and they’re using that CBP One app as their form of identification to get on a plane. So once again, Washington D.C., Congress has special authority over the airport here in the district as well. So we’re concerned there’s another 1.6 million people on this waiting list to go through this parole program already.”

“In addition to those known ‘gotaways’ we have no idea how many more millions that were never perceived. So a known ‘gotaway’ is someone that the Border Patrol sees escaping, but yet they put eyes on them. But there are so many places that people can leak through that border. There’s probably another million that we never even laid eyes on as well. This is why America’s number one concern going into this election is the safety and security of their families. We’re seeing it with fentanyl poisoning, human trafficking, and huge upticks in crime across America.”