Senator Marshall Speaks After Senate Receives Mayorkas Impeachment Articles: A Vote to Stop this Trial is a Vote to Keep our Borders Open

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined fellow conservative leaders from the Senate and House just moments after the Senate received the Articles of Impeachment for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full remarks.

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s remarks include: 

“Not having an impeachment trial is a true threat to this republic. Not having an impeachment trial is unconstitutional. Even a simple country doctor like myself can read the Constitution and see that after the impeachment articles are delivered that we should have an impeachment trial.”

“I think it’s important that everybody understand that it only takes two or three Democrat senators to force an impeachment trial. Just two or three of them, and they would force this trial to go forward. A vote to stop this impeachment, whether it’s through tabling it or discharging it, is a vote to keep the border open. It’s a vote to tell the family of Laken Riley that we don’t care. It’s a vote to tell the 250,000 families that have lost a loved one to fentanyl poisoning that it doesn’t matter. That law and order doesn’t matter.” 

“I certainly just hope that the folks in states like Montana and Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada, are paying attention. They have an opportunity to reach out to their senator and ask them to have an impeachment trial. If they don’t, then we need to hold them accountable in November.”

“You know there are stories after stories we could tell, Laken Riley is just one of many. Senator Cruz told you a couple of stories. Here’s one from Helena, Montana. An illegal alien who was previously charged with aggravated kidnapping and burglary was convicted of stabbing a 19-year-old man to death and sentenced for 40 years. Also in Montana, the DEA seized 77 million fentanyl pills, 12,000 pounds of fentanyl in 2023 alone, enough to kill every American.”

“In Butler County, Ohio an illegal Mexican gang member here in the United States with 11 prior arrests was charged with aggravated murder while intoxicated and in possession of drugs. In Clinton, Ohio a State Trooper pulled over a minivan with 11 people in it and uncovered a human trafficking ring.”

“We have stories here from Pennsylvania, from Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, the stories are eerily similar. Folks not having an impeachment trial is unconstitutional. It’s not right. Americans are demanding accountability. Secretary Mayorkas is truly doing Biden’s bidding. They both need to be held accountable.”