ICYMI: Sen. Marshall Hosts Press Conference Ahead of No Confidence Vote for Mayorkas

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. hosted a press conference ahead of leading a group of GOP colleagues to the Senate Floor to call for a vote of no confidence in Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his dereliction of duty and his inability to effectively lead DHS.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full remarks. 

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s remarks include:

On the failures occurring within this administration and at our southern border:

“As we all know, 10 million people have crossed our border illegally since Secretary Mayorkas and President Biden took office. 300,000 Americans have died from fentanyl poisoning, or opioid poisoning. 1.7 million gotaways are scattered and hidden across the country. Our FBI director says all the warning lights are now blinking. This is why we should fire Secretary Marcus today and give Joe Biden the message that he’s next in 300 days.”

“The Secretary has broke his oath to enforce the law of the land and protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. He’s derelict in his duties – derelict in the sense he has not maintained operational control of the border as required by the Secure Fence law of 2006. Among many other facts, no reasonable person would consider 1.7 million gotaways at our border as consistent with operational control.”

“Americans have lost confidence in our Secretary of Homeland Security… This is why we’ll be on the floor shortly to debate a resolution. That is the sentiment of the Senate that we have no confidence in the current secretary.”