ICYMI: Sen. Marshall “I Don’t Know How This President Sleeps At Night”

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall joined Breitbart Radio on Saturday to discuss Biden’s Debt Ceiling ‘deal’, the impact it will have on Kansans, the fentanyl crisis, and Biden’s border crisis. 

You may click HERE to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview. 

Highlights From Senator Marshall’s Interview Include: 

On Biden’s Debt Ceiling Deal and Impact on Kansans: 

“We were just back in the state last week, we probably did 15 roundtables. The biggest concerns in Kansas right now are, besides the drought, are inflation and the lack of people for the jobs that we have. This bill actually makes both of those problems worse. This inflationary cycle started with Joe Biden borrowing and printing money. This bill is going to add $1.3 trillion at a minimum of national debt this year. You can mark my words, it’ll be more next year.”

“And before we even voted on this, Chuck Schumer is already promising to spend more money on Ukraine. This borrowing of $500 or $600 billion a year is unsustainable, this bill is going to continue to fuel the inflation part of this. Then, the second act we had was some type of a work requirement. We wanted work requirements for SNAP and Medicaid. At the end of the day, we lost the Medicaid work requirements. And this legislation on the SNAP part actually makes it worse.”

“You have to read the fine print in this legislation, but they’ll end up being more people on food stamps rather than less. Oh, and the third thing would be the regulatory issues. I would say that would be a top five concern back home, or small businesses just drowning in regulation under Joe Biden, again, this legislation does nothing to really address it. 

On Senator Marshall’s Amendment to the Debt Ceiling vote to secure our southern border: 

“So this was exactly the legislation that the house had passed, if this Amendment had passed, it’s on the way to the President’s desk. And let’s put Joe Biden on notice – that the number one most immediate threat to our national security is the southern border, very simply stated what the House bills did, what our amendments did, provide 20,000 more Border Patrol officers start rebuilding the wall and add some other bits and pieces to that as well. 

On Cartel Operating in Kansas and Sen. Marshall’s Roundtables:

“Everybody is concerned about their own safety and security like I’ve never seen in rural America. The cartel has a significant presence in Kansas right now. I mean, active cartel members in Kansas, selling fentanyl, doing the human sex trafficking, all those things that they’re known for. We’re losing 300 young adults in America every day from fentanyl poisoning, pouring through our southern border. Look, I don’t know how this president sleeps at night.”

“So I’ve done three big roundtables in Kansas. And at these roundtables, I invite the Sheriff, the police, the DEA, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, and there’s some other potential federal organizations as well. And every one of them has confirmed that we have active cartel members in Wichita, Topeka, and Kansas City. And they’ve hired their drug pushers out there.”

“It is easier to get fentanyl in Kansas than it is to have pizza delivered. For $5, you can have two, maybe three of these fentanyl tablets delivered to a school near you. So, I just did another trip down to Colombia, South America, into Panama. And I’m telling you this cartel has a free run through Mexico. 

“There’s three highways that pierce Kansas. And in the center of Kansas, Interstate 70, goes east and west. So whether they’re trafficking drugs or humans, Kansas is at this cross section. But I would wager to bet there are active cartel members in every state. On my border patrol visit, there are a significant number of cartels running these temporary shacks, where they store the illegal immigrants after they crossed the border. Yeah, so this cartel is making organized crime, the 1930s look like amateurs.” 

On Impeaching Sec. Mayorkas and our wide open southern border: 

“So if the house impeaches Mayorkas, the Senate has to have an impeachment trial, we don’t have any choice whether we have an appetite for it or not, unless they ignore the Constitution and the law. Now, is he going to be convicted? Probably not. Let’s get these people that are progressives masquerading as moderates. Let’s get them on record. Let’s get these people that are up for election on record, because I’m telling you, folks back home are concerned about their safety and security. And this is not just in big cities, it’s in rural America now.”

“And my last trip to the border – when I did my fourth trip there. I asked the Border Patrol, what can we do for you? Typically, it’s more patrol officers. It’s more resources, more doctors. This time it was policy. They said, Look, all we need to do is go back to the Trump policy. No more catch and release. Let’s go back to remain in Mexico, however you want to do it. There’s 20 ways to skin that cat. But we need to go back to the remain in Mexico policies under Trump. Even just the day we got there, 10,000 people crossed the border illegally – 3,000 ‘gotaways’ in one day. There’s now 6 million people in America that have illegally crossed the border since Joe Biden took over. This is an epidemic.”