ICYMI: Sen. Marshall On Fox News’ Faulkner Focus

New York – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. appeared live on the Faulkner Focus on Fox News this morning to discuss his recent trip to Camp Monument in Brownsville, TX, the ongoing border crisis, and the latest updates on the debt ceiling negotiations.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview

Highlights from the interview include:

On the debt ceiling negotiations: 

I just want Americans to realize, though, that the ball is in President Biden’s court. We gave him a plan several weeks ago, he’s insisted to live in this silo. Look, campaigning from a basement may work, but on this particular budget issue, we need leadership from the White House as well.

At some point in time the leader of the free world needs to sit down face to face and have a real conversation with Speaker McCarthy, only the two of them are going to solve this impasse. He has to stop listening to this radical left.

“The work requirements are pretty simple. Twenty hours a week working…If you have children, you’re immune from them as well. I think they’re pretty reasonable…You don’t have to do fulfill the 20 hours a week of work requirement if you have children”

“Having a job brings self-respect and dignity. We want to get people a hand up out of poverty, not keep them in poverty. I would do anything in the world, a person that’s on Medicaid or getting food stamps right now, I would do anything in the world to help get them an education, to help them get a job, to lift themselves and their children out of that poverty.”

On his recent trip to the southern border: 

“I think just the sheer number of people, how our border patrol is overwhelmed. That only 10% of them that are actually protecting the border. “

“And the higher ups in our border patrol are actually communicating with the Mexican government, coordinating when to bring people across the border. 170,000 people lined up waiting for title 42 to end. When we pulled up there was just bus load after bus load of people being removed from a temporary encampment.”

“In addition to the bus loads of people, they had 3,000 gotaways that day. So those 3,000 gotaways were not vetted in any way at all shape or form. And they were emptying their temporary housing as well with people that have not been vetted. But no, they’re not being vetted. You cannot vet somebody in 24 hours, let alone in five minutes.”

“What the Border Patrol asked for is for Joe Biden to change his policy. They didn’t ask for more Border Patrol officers, more resources. They said Joe Biden created this problem. If people go back to return to Mexico, remain in Mexico policy, stop the catch and release, that’s what’s going to solve the problem. Otherwise, we had this beacon of everybody come to America right now.”

“Every day across America, 300 young adults are dying from fentanyl poisoning. My own father, a police officer, is more concerned about their safety and security than they are about inflation and inflation is absolutely numbing, it’s so high. Groceries up 25%. But my parents in my hometown, a former police officer, doesn’t feel safe anymore.”