ICYMI: Sen. Marshall On Fox Business’Making Money with Charles Payne

New York – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. appeared on the Making Money with Charles Payne on Fox Business this afternoon to discuss the latest updates on the debt ceiling negotiations. He also shared his thoughts on Disney’s plans to scrap a $1 billion investment in an office complex in Florida over a political disagreement on social issues with the state government there, and the Silicon Valley Bank bailout.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview.

Highlights from the interview include:

On Debt Ceiling Negotiations:

“I think that President Biden needs to realize that we have a deal on the table. He can fix this right now. What we’re asking for is very reasonable, some work requirements out of the situation. But it’s really hard for him to negotiate this when he’s out of town, out of the country as well. This doesn’t work well when he’s negotiating from a basement.”

“This is a fight that we need to have. I don’t want to pass this debt on to my grandchildren. We spent $500 billion on interest last year. That’s simply not sustainable…President Biden needs to realize we’re not going to blink”

On Disney’s plans to scrap a $1 billion investment in an office complex in Florida: 

“My family grew up watching the Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night. My kids had every Disney film on video. But now my own children are afraid to have their children watch a Disney show. They’re wrapping up very personal issues in the candy, it’s simply not right. Just go back to your business model. Go back to blocking and tackling, go back to the basics. We want to be entertained. Give us some family entertainment.” 

On the Silicon Valley Bank Bailout: 

“The last thing that community banks want is more regulations. Community banks are the backbone of this economy, working with small businesses, being able to quickly flex into where the money needs to be spent. The last thing we need is more regulation. We know our customers. We pay it attention to things like interest rate, risk going forward as well, which Silicon Valley, Republic Bank, weren’t doing.