ICYMI: Sen. Marshall On Fox News: “Joe Biden Will Be A One Term-One Paragraph In The History Books- President”

New York – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. appeared live on the America’s Newsroom on Fox News this morning to discuss the latest on the debt ceiling negotiations, his recent trip to Camp Monument in Brownsville, TX ahead of the end of Title 42, and Joe Biden’s rocky record on handling U.S.-China relations.

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Highlights from the interview include:

On the debt ceiling negotiations: 

“He’s going to be a one term, one paragraph in the history book President. He’s gonna go down as the President with the highest inflation rates, open borders, Afghanistan debacle, and potentially a default on our debt..”

On the Biden economy’s impact on Kansas farmers:

“What’s impacting farmers right now is number one, the drought, and number two is interest rates. Farmers are very highly leveraged. So when they have an operation loan that went from 2% to 8% because of Joe Biden economics and Joe Bidenflation, that’s what’s killing them.”

On U.S.-China relations under President Biden:

“This President doesn’t even realize when China and Russia are bullying him. So this spy balloon was absolutely China bullying the United States, saying, ‘How would Joe Biden react to this?’ And they found out he didn’t do anything.”

“When’s the last time Joe Biden got anything right on national security? And by the way, our open southern border, the number one immediate national security issue this country is facing.”

On the ongoing crisis at the southern border: 

“Since Title 42 ended, there’s been 10,000 ‘gotaways’ coming into this country, 10,000 ‘gotaways.’ We have no idea who they are, how many were terrorists, and how many were criminals as well.”

“I wish that journalists would go talk to the 300 moms and dads of young adults who are going to die from fentanyl poisoning today.”

“When President Trump was in office, they were averaging about 1,000 illegal border crossings a day. This last week, averaging over 3,000, plus 1,000 ‘gotaways.’ It’s those ‘gotaways’ that I’m concerned about.”