ICYMI: Senator Marshall Joins Breitbart Radio On Joe Biden Creating a Nation of Crises

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall joined Breitbart News Radio to discuss his letter to Secretary Mayorkas demanding answers on the Secretary’s personal email use for work-related official business, and the CDC’s newest guidance for “chestfeeding” that would pump non-FDA approved chemicals and hormones into a newborn baby. 

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include:

On Senator Marshall’s letter to Secretary Mayorkas on personal email use:

“…let’s remember he’s derelict in his duties. And he should be under impeachment right now in the House. So we anxiously await. He’s charged with securing the border. And this is one more piece of evidence that they can throw on their impeachment proceedings – that he lied to Congress. Again, credit the Americans for Prosperity foundation for pointing out to us, gosh, several months ago that Mayorkas was using his personal email for national security, exposing national security issues.”

“Now the AFP Foundation has found 400 pages of emails with redactions. So if they’re redacting something from his personal email, that means it’s a national security issue, for all practical purposes. So he’s caught red-handed. He’s incompetent, he’s derelict in his duties, he needs to be impeached.”

On the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to spy on Americans: 

“I’ve sat in the war rooms of different institutions and just watched the hack attempts come over, you know five or ten every minute. Typically, they’re coming from the CCP, Russia, North Korea and Iran – this axis of evil, of today’s evil, so we know what’s happening. We see it constantly. And let me just throw in another interesting fact: when I was at the border this spring, we had apprehended 8,000 Chinese nationals crossing the border. And typically for every three that we catch, that means there was a ‘gotaway’ as well. So thousands of Chinese communists have infiltrated America. We don’t know who they are, where they are..”

On the many crises unfolding under the Biden Administration:

“What this Administration, this White House Administration is really good at is creating crises. And there are so many crises out there, the Republican-controlled House is just overwhelmed. You know, what should we do first? The Hunter Biden-Joe Biden bribery impeachment trial? Dr. Fauci what type of trial should he be undergoing over there in the House right now?”

“But again, our national security is at stake. The number one most immediate threat to our national security is an open border. And all you have to do is think about the 300 Americans dying every day from fentanyl poisoning. 90% of that made in China, coming across our southern border.

On the CDC’s “chestfeeding’ guidance:

“I can’t believe we’re talking about this. There’s so many crises going on. When will the woke Left wake up and realize their policies are harming our nation’s greatest treasure – our children.” 

“What they’re doing is they are supporting giving biological males a drug, a drug that was pulled by the FDA in 2004, because of side effects, specifically heart arrhythmias. And this drug, when these biological males are “breastfeeding,” you know, they’re given these babies trans-fluid, and that drug is going to be transmitted through this fluid.”

“The woke Left uses science as a tool to justify their policy. So if they can find some type of science that supports their policies, they’re all in. But it’s really almost like a religion to them, how they manipulate science for their own purposes.”

“There’s no way this trans-fluid has any of that (nutrients) in it. There’s not going to be enough calories in it. There’s not going to be enough nutrition –  all just for their political agenda. So you’re sacrificing the baby’s health for some biological male.”

“This hasn’t been studied. This is the most horrible advice maybe I’ve ever seen.”

“I think this is a seminal moment for the CDC, when the United States loses full confidence. Have you had any confidence left after they hounded COVID? Surely Americans realize what horrible advice the CDC is giving right now.”