ICYMI: Senator Marshall joins Sunday Morning Futures to Discuss the Impact of the Chinese Triad Operating in America

Washington D.C. –
 U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the impact of the Chinese Triad operating across America, the uptick in human trafficking as a result and Joe Biden’s State of the Union address coming up this week. 

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview. 

Highlights from the interview include:

On Human Trafficking Uptick and Chinese Triad in America:

“We’ve done some human trafficking roundtables in Kansas over the last two weeks and we’re seeing an explosion of human trafficking.”

“The Chinese triad, which is an organized crime unit, a multinational [crime organization that] has been around for hundreds of years, is behind this. And wherever you’re seeing fentanyl trafficking, you’re going to see human trafficking explode as well.”

“And this actually goes back as I try to understand who this Chinese triad is, it goes back to Chairman Mao when he had CCP labs starting making methamphetamine precursors, now they’re making fentanyl precursors, this Chinese mafia the triad, smuggles it to Mexico, and then they hand that over to the cartel and in the United States”

“We have more massage parlors than we do Starbucks now in Kansas, and certainly I think that can be said in most every state.” 

“This Chinese triad, I mean, they are sophisticated. Your listeners need to understand that this is not the dirty workers like the cartel. The cartel is doing the dirty work, but the Chinese triad is very sophisticated…so you’re gonna see massage parlors spring up and then next to them might be a restaurant, it might be a hair salon, a nail salon, those types of things, but the Chinese triad has become an expert at money laundering. And we’re gonna see this organized crime just grow and grow and grow.”

“Americans we’re so naive, we assume the best of people, but there is no line between illegal and legal activities by the Chinese triad. They see nothing wrong with this. This is business to them. This is like American Kansas farmers growing wheat and selling it across the country as well. So to China, they’re just exporting a human resource here. They’re exporting the fentanyl; this is just another crop to the CCP. And again, it goes back to Chairman Mao trying to undermine America the Opium War revenge. This is the next chapter.”

On Joe Biden’s lack of leadership in addressing the Border Crisis:

“Well, again, I think it’s a question we’ve been asking the White House for three years now. Why are you willing to sacrifice 300 American lives every day to fentanyl poisoning in order to get these 10,000 people across the border every day? Obviously, they think there’s political gain to that, they don’t recognize the national security issue. To me these border crossings has always been a national security issue, but to the White House. This has always been an immigration issue and a political issue.”

Previewing Joe Biden’s State of the Union this week:

“Well, I think this will be the President’s blame game. He’s going to blame Republicans for everything. He’s going to blame Republicans for this stale economy for inflation, he’s going to blame the border crisis. So this will be the blame game. Joe Biden not willing to be accountable for any of this policies. I expect it to be a big nothing burger. I just expect him to sit there and blame Republicans – if only we would give him more money. If only we would change policy. But Americans are smarter than this. They know that come November, that Joe Biden’s got to go, that we need a new president in the White House.”