ICYMI: Senator Marshall Joins The David Webb Show on Joe Biden’s State of the Union: It will be a Nothingburger

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined The David Webb Show on Sirius XM Patriot to discuss Joe Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address, the worsening border crisis and the threat China poses right here on U.S. soil. 

You may click HERE or on the image above to listen to Senator Marshall’s full interview. 

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include:

On the State of the Union happening this week: 

“I think the State of the Union is going to be a big Nothingburger. November is the final day for Joe Biden. It seems like it’s tomorrow. Americans know that he’s created this open southern border that’s given us 10 million illegal immigrants into this country. They’re seeing 300 Americans die every day from fentanyl poison, human trafficking is exploding, they’ve seen his national security policies fail, our enemies don’t respect us, let alone are [fear] us.”

“Again, this is a crisis created by Joe Biden’s policies, and now they’re gonna go back to the State of the Union and say send us more money. If we only had more money. It would solve all our problems. If we had new laws, it would solve our problems. But as you have implied, on your show multiple times the President has the authority, the Justice Department has the authority to stop the problem. But it starts right there at the border. These 10 million people that have crossed the border in the last three years though, will haunt America for decades to come.”

Exposing the Chinese triad in America:

“He owns this problem. That’s why America’s number one concern in this presidential election is their safety, and security and this open border. What I’m seeing across Kansas now is an explosion of human trafficking. Wherever you’ve seen drug trafficking from the cartel, you’re seeing human trafficking now explode as well.”

“The term Chinese triad, which I knew nothing about a month ago, but we did three human trafficking roundtables, share of Highway Patrol and local police, the Kansas Bureau Investigation, and the Chinese triad is the underground mafia of China. It’s been around for hundreds of years, their drug trafficking goes back to Chairman Mao where the CCP labs have been making for decades now.”

“The methamphetamine precursors, now the fentanyl precursors, the Chinese try and smuggle that into due to the cartel in Mexico and then it of course comes to our borders. Now they’re backfilling that with human trafficking. We have more massage parlors now than we do Starbucks cafes across the country. These massage parlors is the base of human trafficking.” 

“I’m so naive. Americans are so naive. But these folks see no line between legal and illegal. This is no different to the CCP than Kansas farmers growing wheat. This is just business to them, business as usual.”

“The Chinese triad’s very complicated, they don’t want violence. So they stay underneath the radar, they want the cartel to do all the dirty work. So I think the reason we don’t see the Chinese triad, they do not want guns going off. They want the cartel doing all that work. But thank goodness, our Kansas Bureau of Investigation, the Highway Patrol, sheriff’s officers, they’re on to it.”