ICYMI: Senator Marshall On Fox & Friends: We Need Peace Through Strength, Joe Biden Gives Us War Through Weakness

Wichita, Kansas- U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined Fox & Friends to discuss the standalone Israel aid package legislation that he is leading in the Senate and why it is important to not couple this funding for another blank check to Ukraine. Senator Marshall outlined why leveraging aid for Israel, who needs help right now in their fight against the Hamas terrorist organization, in order to send billions in additional aid to Ukraine is wrong and will only slow down the funds and resources from getting to Israel in their time of need. 


You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview. 

On Senator Marshall Leading the Standalone Israel Aid Package in the Senate. 

“We’re in the process of forcing a separate vote through some parliamentary procedures. But Americans need to understand why we need to separate this. Israel will most likely have three fronts within the next 10 days. They’ve already proven the Iranian puppets can send missiles from Syria, from Yemen already. So they need these weapons yesterday to protect themselves.”

“If the president lumps this together with Ukraine funding, it’s going to take months.” 

“What Iran needs to hear, Hamas and all the terrorists, need to hear is an unequivocal unhesitating voice from the United States that we are standing beside Israel no matter what. So we’ve got to get this funding done separately.” 

On Additional Ukraine Funding:

“That needs to be debated separately, we need to be focused on peace, some type of a peace treaty in Ukraine. But we need to stand beside the people of Israel, as they take on this Hamas army of terror. This isn’t a fight just for the people of Israel. This is a fight for the future of humankind.”

“I just don’t see that moving anywhere. I’m still concerned about the corruption in Ukraine. Every week, we learn about more corruption. In Ukraine right now, the political class wants this war, but the rank-and-file people are tired of sending their young adults to die, and they’re having to grab people off the street. So that’s a problem right now for Ukraine, just this war of attrition.”

On how far should support for Israel from the U.S. should go: 

“Yeah, I don’t think we can put any limits on it. I think that these terrorists need to know that this is a battle for mankind. It’s not just a battle for the people of Israel, we will do whatever it takes to stop terrorism.”

“We need the administration to call out the head of the snake, Iran… there’s really been a minimalist response, certainly nothing that would warrant deterrence. I don’t know what this President is waiting on. He’s trying to tame a tiger by petting it and turning it into a cat. That’s not going to happen with Iran.”

“I have full faith that if we equip Israel properly, they can take care of the war in Gaza, hold off Hezbollah in the north and do what they need to do there. But all these other proxies that are shooting long-range missiles, at one of our greatest staunchest allies, Israel, those need to be silenced. Anytime those missiles are coming from those other locations, they need to be silenced.” 

“Look, Iran is a bully. We’re going to have to hit them really hard right between the eyes and make sure that they understand eye for eye, tooth for tooth.”

On the Biden Administration’s Response to Iran: 

“Crickets, right? We’re just [hearing] crickets out of the White House. What Joe Biden has given us is war through weakness. Eisenhower, Reagan gave us peace through strength. Joe Biden gives us war through weakness.”

“Because of his horrible reputation that no one respects him. Iran doesn’t think that he has a red line. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is empowering [Iran] to develop nuclear weapons. It makes no sense.