Senators Marshall, Vance, Lee, and Cruz Introduce Legislation To Give Immediate Assistance and Aid to Israel

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators Roger Marshall, M.D., J.D. Vance (R-OH), Mike Lee (R-UT), Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced The Israel Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2023. This legislation ensures that funding for Israel is not coupled with billions of additional dollars in aid to Ukraine. By putting forth a standalone spending bill, the Senators will speed up the time that the assistance gets to Israel and ensure their funding is not held hostage for additional supplemental money for President Biden’s priorities that are outside of the scope of the war in Israel. Providing assistance to our ally Israel has garnered overwhelming bipartisan support and would likely pass quickly through both chambers. 

This legislation would provide $14.3 billion to Israel, including $10.6 billion for assistance through the Department of Defense (DOD), $3.5 billion for foreign military financing, and $200 million in diplomatic funding to help protect U.S. embassies and personnel. 

“The brutal, savage attacks launched by Hamas against our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, have sent shock waves across the world,”Senator Marshall said. “My colleagues and I firmly believe that any aid to Israel should not be used as leverage to send tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine. Any package that does so would result in funds and resources being delayed in Israel’s time of need. The legislation we’ve introduced provides the aid to Israel requested by the Biden Administration and should be considered by the Senate immediately.”

“It is essential that the United States provide support for our allies in Israel. That assistance should not depend on whether we continue to provide aid to Ukraine,” said Senator Vance. “Despite what the president claims, they are unique conflicts that should be handled individually. Misguided attempts to combine them will only delay Israel receiving the support they need. Now is not the time to play political games with our most important ally in the Middle East. The Senate should pass this legislation as soon as possible.”

“Ukraine and Israel are distinct, important issues, and Congress should have the opportunity to consider and vote on prospective aid packages individually,” Senator Lee said. “If the Biden administration’s case for additional Ukraine aid is not strong enough to stand on its own, then packaging them is an insulting request to lay before Congress. It is unreasonable for the administration to exploit an aid package for Israel to siphon off billions of taxpayer dollars in yet another blank check for Ukraine.”

“Russia still needs to be defeated. Taiwan still needs to be defended. This bill is about one thing and one thing only: getting our Israeli allies the aid they need, as fast as possible, for as long as it takes them to utterly eradicate Hamas,” said Senator Cruz. “The overwhelming majority of the Senate is ready to support an aid package for Israel. The House would readily pass this bill—they are frankly not ready to pass anything else, least of all more aid to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. We should pass Israel aid immediately and then move on to those.”

The Israel Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2023: 

  • Blocks the Biden administration from leveraging aid to Israel for more Ukraine funding and clarifies that none of the amounts made available by the bill can be used in connection with the Ukraine war. 
  • Funding to strengthen Israel’s defense, including the Iron Dome and Iron Beam systems, and to replace weapons the DOD sends Israel. 
  • Authority to send Israel equipment and services already in U.S. stocks.
  • A waiver allowing the U.S. to stockpile more weapons in Israel.
  • Funding to protect U.S. embassies and personnel in Israel and to help repatriate U.S. citizens from the region. 
  • Strips all aid to Gaza that could be funneled to Hamas terrorists. 

Cosponsors for this legislation include: Senators Vance (R-OH), Lee (R-UT), Cruz (R-TX), Blackburn (R-TN), Johnson (R-WI), Lummis (R-WY), Tuberville (R-AL), Scott (R-FL).