Sen. Marshall Responds to Air Force Issuing 27 Discharges for Airmen Choosing to Not Get the COVID Vaccine

(Washington, D.C., December 14, 2021) – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. released the following statement after the U.S. Air Force discharged 27 servicemembers for choosing not to get the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s important to note that Senator Marshall’s amendment to prevent the Administration from dishonorably discharging servicemembers for choosing not to get the COVID vaccine was included in the final text of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Sen. Marshall’s amendment is retroactive so if any of these 27 airmen received a dishonorable discharge that would be dropped.

“As a former army doctor, I support the vaccine, but I also support those who are defending our freedoms and have carefully weighed their decision on whether to receive the COVID vaccine,” said Senator Marshall. “Simply put, these servicemen and women do not deserve a dishonorable discharge for choosing against the vaccine – a dishonorable discharge treats our heroes as felons and our American heroes deserve better. I look forward to the NDAA being brought to a vote in the Senate which includes my amendment to provide these servicemembers with retroactive protection if they were dishonorably discharged.”


According to the Air Force, more than 1,000 airmen have chosen to not get the COVID vaccine and more than 4,700 are seeking a religious exemption.

Senator Marshall has been leading the fight in the U.S. Senate to halt President Biden’s vaccine mandate. The COVID-19 Vaccine Dishonorable Discharge Prevention Act was introduced by Senator Marshall on the heels of President Biden mandating millions of Americans to get vaccinated and the DOD issuing guidance stating that soldiers who refuse the vaccine will face “administrative or non-judicial punishment [under UCMJ] – to include relief of duties or discharge.”

Since introduction of the bill, the White House announced opposition to the Senators’ legislation and in turn doubled down in their support to give service members a dishonorable discharge for refusing the COVID vaccine. As such, Senator Marshall offered his legislation as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act.

Dishonorably discharged servicemembers surrender the following rights and benefits:

  • Ownership of any sort of firearm or ammunition
  • Access to the GI Bill for further education
  • VA home loans
  • VA medical benefits
  • Military Funeral Honors
  • Re-enlistment in another military branch

You may click HERE or on the image below to watch a highlight video of Senator Marshall’s fight against these dishonorable discharges:

Senator Marshall penned an op-ed for FOX News on his legislation. You may click HERE to read it. You may also click HERE or on the image below to watch Senator Marshall’s press conference on his legislation.