Senator Marshall Delivers Remarks On Anticipation of Mayorkas Impeachment Articles

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. provided remarks on the Senate Floor leading up to the Senate receiving the articles of impeachment for DHS Secretary Mayorkas who is derelict in his duties and has failed to secure the border and protect the American people. 

Senator Marshall emphasized the importance of holding Secretary Mayorkas accountable and conducting a full impeachment trial.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full remarks. 

Senator Marshall’s full remarks as prepared:

Make no mistake about it: a vote to BLOCK the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas is a vote to keep our borders open. It’s a vote to continue the deadly track of lawlessness. It’s a vote that tells Laken Riley’s family and all of those who have been victims of violent and gruesome crimes at the hands of illegal aliens as well as the over 250,000 thousand people who have died from fentanyl poisoning, that Senate Democrats do not care.

Ask any American, and they will tell you every state is a Border state. We don’t feel safe in our own communities… from inner cities to suburbs and throughout rural America, we are living in the consequences of this wide-open southern border. 

So, it should come as no surprise to my colleagues across the aisle that Americans are demanding accountability. They want to know why the Cartel has more control of the border than DHS does.

Disgracefully, this week, we will witness a complete political charade that undermines this Chambers’ responsibility and the oath we swore to protect this great nation. Skirting justice, accountability, and the very fabric of our democracy, the Senate Democratic leader is taking a historical measure to hide from the deadly border crisis his party has created and embraced. 


He is so afraid that if Americans witnessed an open trial of Secretary Mayorkas and his record was exposed, it would seal the deal on the Democrat party losing the White House and the Majority in the Senate. They are very clearly worried about the next election and not the national security threat our wide-open borders pose to the sovereignty of our nation. 

My hope here today is that America is watching; they will see Senate Democrats line up to block  Secretary Mayorkas’ impeachment and prevent his record from ever enduring a public trial. 

But make no mistake. Come November, the good people from Montana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Nevada will make their voices heard and hold their Senators accountable at the ballot box. These Democrat Senators  have the opportunity ensure  this impeachment  trial moves forward and highlight  the border crisis,  and thereby send a clear message to the White House- to address our most immediate national security threat and close the border NOW. 

Unfortunately, they will not stand up; they will not allow the American people to see the true lawlessness that has been a direct result of the abject failures of Secretary Mayorkas, and their silence will send a clear message to the thousands of families who have been torn apart by the consequences of our wide open border.   they do not care.

My colleagues across the aisle do NOT want answers. 

They want to shield Sec. Mayorkas and the White House from any accountability and spare their party from the backlash in the press when Senate Republicans outline how dire the situation at our nation’s borders is. In orchestrating this cover-up, they are willing to undermine our Constitution and disrespect the honor and integrity of the impeachment process that has been observed and held fast by this body for over 200 years. In our nation’s history, the Senate has NEVER tabled an impeachment trial. That alone should tell every American how scared Senate Democrats are to share the true realities of the lawlessness happening right now at our borders and across the United States. 

Secretary Mayorkas has failed in his duty to protect our borders and uphold our laws. We have 11 million reasons to hold him accountable and impeach him. That’s the 11 million encounters, including nearly 2 million ‘gotaways’ that have shown up here on U.S. soil under Mayorkas’s watch. He’s not just derelict in his duties; he’s complicit in endangering the safety of every American.

And yes, we understand the Democrat majority has the votes to table this hearing, but know this: history will not be so forgiving of this decision. The American people will not forget the betrayal of this Chamber and their family’s safety. Come November, “WE THE PEOPLE” will speak loudly. 

The people, the citizens of this great republic, THEY are the true judge and jury. 

So please, to my colleagues across the aisle, there is still time to do the right thing—vote in support of holding Secretary Mayorkas accountable. The American people will be watching. We must impeach Secretary Mayorkas for his failures to uphold his oath. 

If this Chamber skirts its responsibility, we should hold every one of the Senators who block this impeachment trial accountable at the ballot box.