Senator Marshall Pursues Call For Covid-19 Documents

Washington, D.C. – This week, U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. continued his pursuit to uncover the origins of the Covid-19 virus with the introduction of the HHS COVID-19 Origin Transparency Act of 2023. This legislation would require the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to release all information and records related to the origins of Covid-19 to the public. 

Earlier this year, Congress passed the Covid-19 Origins Act of 2023. Despite its passage, the Biden Administration failed to release the documents requested and instead provided a short summary report that shared their interpretation of the records. 

“Every American deserves to know the truth about the origins of Covid-19, China’s involvement, and the ongoing cover-up,” Senator Marshall said. “Yet, here we are after YEARS of asking for the Biden Administration to provide this much-needed transparency and they continue to stonewall our investigations and find ‘work arounds’ to dodge our requests. Every American should be asking, ‘Why is that?’ Our legislation requires the HHS to publicly release all agency records related to the origin of COVID-19, the cover-up of the pandemic origins, and coronavirus research, including vaccine development. It’s past time for answers- this is a matter of national security.”

Fox News released an exclusive article about this legislation. You may click HERE or on the image above to read the full article.


  • This bill will require the Secretary of HHS to publicly release all agency records related to the origin of COVID-19, the cover-up of the pandemic origin, and coronavirus research including vaccine development, in three separate categories – (1) unpublished HHS records, (2) all HHS records supplied to the Intelligence Community (IC) to augment its analysis, and (3) HHS declassified records. 
  • HHS personnel were stationed in China’s public health organizations at the time of the outbreak and may have important information that has not been collected or evaluated relative to the origin of the pandemic outbreak.
  • HHS has sponsored infectious disease research grants in China for decades and federal grants require the preservation of records. NIH research grants funded bat coronavirus pathogen collections and studies in Wuhan, China.  At least one NIH grant was traced to funding a Chinese researcher who is the earliest named individual observed with COVID-like symptoms in Wuhan. 
  • If HHS does not comply with the statutory deadline of 90 days, the Secretary of the Treasury shall transfer $1,000,000 from HHS to pay down the national debt.