Senator Marshall Releases Statement on Foreign Aid Bill

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. will vote against the foreign aid bill that gives an additional $60 billion to Ukraine. 

“Under the Biden Administration, Venezuelan drug cartels have been given more operational control of our southern border than U.S. Border Patrol agents,” Senator Marshall said. “More than 11 million illegal aliens, including thousands of Chinese nationals, have been imported into every state in America – and we have absolutely no idea who these people are. Biden’s own DHS Secretary testified five days ago that he doesn’t know if our security technology at the border is even operational. This is America’s most important national security issue, and it isn’t even close.”

 “We cannot continue selling our grandchildren down a river and sending another $60 billion that we do not have to Ukraine – that’s on top of the $125 billion we’ve already sent with no oversight or accountability.”

“Enough is enough,” Senator Marshall said. “For me, it will always be America first – our safety, health, and security above all else.”


  • This bill will provide 60 billion in unpaid-for funding for Ukraine.
  • This bill does not include strict oversight of how this aid to Ukraine is being spent. 
  • The Biden administration has already given to Ukraine more than $125 billion in aid. 
  • Senator Marshall has gone to the Senate Floor requesting aid to standalone aid to Israel to be passed by unanimous consent SIX times, only to be denied by Senate Democrats every single time.
  • ZERO dollars in this legislation goes to addressing our number one national security threat, securing the southern border. 
  • Democrats rejected an amendment to strengthen border security as part of this bill’s process.
  • Of the $125 billion the US has given Ukraine, over $45 billion has gone to lethal aid.
  • This aid package funds both sides of the Israel-Hamas war with aid to Gaza as well.