Senator Marshall Statement on Bob Dole

(Washington, D.C., February 18, 2021) – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. issued the following statement regarding Senator Bob Dole’s diagnosis with stage four lung cancer:

“I have not known a better public servant, a man with a bigger heart, someone more focused on the good of the nation, more opposed to political drama, or a more incredible negotiator than Senator Bob Dole. I am the luckiest person on earth to have him as one of my greatest role models, a mentor, and a dear friend.

“Most every day as I walk the halls of the Capitol, I recognize the boots I wear now, were once worn by Senator Dole and on days like this, those boots look mighty large. From his signature legislation for people with disabilities, to helping feed hungry children at schools in impoverished nations across the world, he has been a positive influence for our nation and the world.

“I have zero doubt in my mind Senator Dole will take this challenge head on the same way as other challenges he faced in his life. Just as he did as one of the heroes from our greatest generation, in this battle, Senator Dole will continue to show us the way through hope, resiliency, and perseverance. 

“Senator Dole, just as you taught me that when there is ‘any problem too big, just go listen to the people of Kansas,’ please know that the state we both love is behind you, and Laina and I and my entire family of course are behind you. We join all of Kansas in praying for God’s comfort and His healing hand, and peace for you, for Elizabeth, for Robin, and for your entire family during this difficult time.”