Kansas Delegation Launches “One Pill Can Kill” Fentanyl Awareness Campaign

Washington, D.C. – Today, on Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Day, the Kansas federal congressional delegation, alongside over 100 Kansas organizations, launched a statewide week-long #OnePillCanKill fentanyl crisis awareness campaign. As students return to school, each member and organization participating will raise awareness across the state about the dangers of fentanyl, the deadliest drug our nation has ever seen. Throughout the week, members will be educating our communities, hosting fentanyl roundtables, engaging in press opportunities, using social media to inform Kansans of the dangers of fentanyl and more.

Initiatives like the #OnePillCanKill awareness campaign sheds light on the gravity of the issue and emphasizes the importance of educating parents and children. By equipping our communities with knowledge about the dangers of fentanyl, Kansans become better defenders against this deadly scourge.

“Fentanyl, the deadliest drug our nation has ever seen, kills a Kansan nearly daily and is the leading cause of death for Americans ages 18-45. Known as the ‘silent killer,’ fentanyl cannot be detected by taste, smell, or sight when mixed with other drugs and is up to 50 times stronger than heroin. This poison does not discriminate and has claimed the lives of over 1,200 Kansans across the state,” said Senator Marshall. “Our children do not know what they are up against. That is why, as kids return to school, we are leading this statewide #OnePillCanKill campaign. To tackle this crisis head-on, we are coming together and educating our communities about the devastating realities of this epidemic. As we navigate this crisis, our unity becomes our strength, education our defense, and our shared purpose our guiding light.”

“Fentanyl is claiming the lives of children and young adults all across the country who are deceived by drug dealers into purchasing lethal doses of fentanyl being sold as legitimate prescription pills,” said Senator Moran. “As students go back to school this week, it’s critical that we educate our young folks about the dangers of fentanyl. It only takes one pill to kill, but it will take an army of parents, teachers, students, first responders, neighbors and strangers to spread awareness about this lethal drug to save lives and end fentanyl deaths.”

“Fentanyl, now the leading killer of Americans aged 18-45, is tearing holes in families and communities here in south central Kansas,” said Rep. Estes. “In addition to working to secure our southern border and stop the stream of fentanyl into our country, I am pleased to join my Kansas colleagues in sharing resources to combat this deadly epidemic and raising awareness in communities that one pill can kill. As young Kansans head back to school this month, we want to remind parents, teachers and students of the dangers of fentanyl, and encourage conversations that can protect the lives of those we love.”

“In our state and around the country, the fentanyl crisis has become a public health emergency, with our youth being hit the hardest because they often don’t know the devastating impacts until it’s too late. I’ve had conversations with local law enforcement, health care, and education professionals on how we can best combat this epidemic. Now, the Kansas congressional delegation is coming together to fight this crisis head-on, because one death is one too many. With increased collaboration from all corners of our community, we can help save lives,” said Rep. Davids.

“Fentanyl is crushing families and communities across our state. Over 1,200 Kansans have already died from fentanyl poisoning, and this crisis is only getting worse by the day,” said Rep. LaTurner. “In addition to securing America’s wide-open southern border, proper education and awareness in our schools, homes, and communities can be the difference between life and death. I’m proud to team up with my fellow Kansans to fight back against one of the most dangerous drugs our nation has ever seen.”

“President Biden’s open border policies have turned every American community into a border town,” said Rep. Mann. “Drug mules smuggle fentanyl into our country every day, and now Kansans are dying from overdoses in record numbers. The rest of the Kansas delegation and I are raising awareness about this crisis. We need to equip parents and schools with resources to stop fentanyl from falling into the hands of young people. Most of all, we need to secure our southern border and cut the drug off at its source, which will protect the lives of Kansans and all Americans.”