Senator Marshall on Newsmax: Senate Leadership’s priority was always to get Ukraine funding

Overland Park, KS – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined American Agenda on Newsmax today to slam the $95 billion foreign aid bill that prioritizes Ukraine’s borders over America’s borders. This package passed the U.S. Senate in an unconventional overnight vote call- passing at 6AM.

In the interview, Senator Marshall also criticized the Chinese Communist Party-backed ad buys from Temu on Super Bowl Sunday, and celebrated the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview. 

Highlights from the interview include:

On the foreign aid package that puts Ukraine’s borders before America’s borders:

“Look, we’re gonna be there to help you but we shouldn’t have to drive the whole ship. I think it’s their [NATO’s] turn to step up. And I think that’s exactly what President Trump is saying. Yes, America is first.” 

“We have $34 trillion in debt. We have a porous open border. Crime is out of control. President Biden has created a lawless society, taking away our constitutional rights. I’m not a globalist. President Trump is not a globalist. I’m a patriot. I’m an America First senator.”

“All along Joe Biden’s priority was never to secure the border, his priority was always to get the funding for Ukraine, and then this charade of pretending like he was trying to do something on the border. All he wanted to do was grease the skids to get more people across the finish line.”

“He [Joe Biden] has the legal authority to say this is an emergency and literally close the border down. And remember, he walked into the White House, we had a secure border. He then issued over 90 executive orders to enhance that flow across the border. Not only did he not want to stop it, but he actually encouraged more and more people to cross the border.”

“We have a funding problem right now we need to face. The federal government’s gonna shut down come this March. Let’s get our own house in order. Only in Washington, D.C., would we do a supplemental funding bill to other countries before we even take care of our own budget as well. So let’s focus on trimming our budget, trying to get towards a balanced budget of some kind, let’s secure the border.”

On CBS running ads by Temu during the Super Bowl:

“People need to realize what Temu is. It’s basically how the Chinese government gets counterfeits into America. Remember, 90% of counterfeits that come into America, made in China.”

“Temu is like a CCP Amazon where they use knockoffs, where they use counterfeits. They’re using forced labor as well. They’re gonna steal your personal data.”

“I’d be very cautious giving them my credit card information as well. Look, this is a disaster…I would just warn all your listeners, stay away from Temu unless you want your personal data stolen. And by the way, it’s going to be cheap, knockoff products, not the real thing.”

On the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory:

“I’m getting ready for the big parade here tomorrow in Kansas City. I can’t wait to go out there and cheer the Chiefs on. Look, this was a great team victory. So proud of all the efforts, the coaches, the players. Underdogs the whole way made it even more special. Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs!”