Senator Marshall Votes Against Another Blank Check to Ukraine

Washington, D.C.-  U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. issued the following statement regarding Senate Leadership’s $95 Billion Foreign Aid Bill that sends an additional $60 Billion to Ukraine, the largest lump sum of money sent at one time since the war started over two years ago. This money is in addition to the $113 Billion the United States has already sent Ukraine with no accountability or transparency of where this money has gone. This legislation provides zero policy changes or funding to secure our southern border our most immediate national security threat.

“Kansans have told me time and time again to secure our border first and foremost. Keep our communities safe, cut off the spigot for the fentanyl coming in, and stop the cartels from setting up shop here in our state. That remains my top priority,” Senator Marshall said. “Meanwhile, in Washington, over Super Bowl weekend, Senate Leadership decided while Americans were enjoying one of our greatest traditions to jam through the largest lump sum of money to Ukraine since the war broke out. This exercise just further highlights how out of touch Washington, D.C. truly is.”

“It’s never been about helping Israel or addressing the historic border crisis- it’s always been about finding a vessel for more Ukraine funding. I cannot in good conscience send another blank check to Ukraine as our country faces the worst border crisis in my lifetime and a historic national debt crisis” Senator Marshall continued. “A nation without borders facing crippling debt is in no position to fund foreign wars. That is why I voted against sending $60 Billion to Ukraine today.”

“The past few weeks have highlighted that Senate Leadership’s border ‘efforts’ were only ever a charade to find an avenue for more Ukraine funding,” Senator Marshall said. “I’ve said all along that I was listening and hoping there would be a strong bipartisan border bill on the table; after weeks of negotiating behind closed doors, we were presented with a border bill that failed by almost every measure to actually secure our borders. It’s been made clear throughout this process that Democrats were never serious about putting forth a policy with meaningful border security measures- securing our borders was never actually on the table it’s always been used as leverage for Ukraine.”