Senator Marshall Slams Senate Democrats for Politically Motivated Border Bailout Bill  

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D., joined his colleagues in sounding the alarm against the half-baked border bailout bill that Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer plans to force a vote on this week. Senator Marshall highlighted what the American people already know: this is an unserious bill that is being presented for political purposes to help the vulnerable Senate Democrats whose 2024 campaigns are on life support. 

Just yesterday, Senator Marshall and Senator Cruz went to the Senate Floor and put forth a real border security bill, the Secure Our Borders Act, H.R. 2. This legislation would provide meaningful border security and is a serious proposal, unlike the Senate Democrats border bailout that even the Democrat architect of this bill admits, will ‘never’ close the border. 

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full remarks.

Highlights from Senator Marshall’s remarks include: 

“As I was contemplating last night, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer bringing this bill to the floor, I was trying to think of an analogy. And what I came up with is it’s like a firefighter who starts a fire in a building. He goes back to the fire station, sounds the alarm, and shows up with the fire truck. But then instead of putting water on the problem, he’s throwing gasoline on the problem, and then expects praise for it.”

“Look, the border never closes. The border never closes. I didn’t say that. The Democrat architect of this bill says that when he discussed their half-baked border bailout. And I say bailout because that’s exactly literally what this is. It’s a bailout. Folks it’s six months out now from an election and Democrats are in crisis mode. They’ve seen the polling, they’re going to have to answer for the 11 million illegal aliens that have crossed this border.”

“This is a crisis that the Democrats have spent three years making… we are offering solutions. H.R. 2 is a great solution. It was offered on the floor last night for unanimous consent. We just asked for unanimous consent to take up the bill. Senator Cruz and I led that last night but they’re not even willing to take it up.”

“We’re coming here this week to stick a bandaid- not on just a puncture wound- but this is like the femoral artery hemorrhaging, and they want to put a little bandaid over it. Again last night, we offered an olive branch to the Senate Democrats with a solution that could go into law immediately, we can help secure the border immediately. It’s been passed by the House, the President can sign it. Significantly, it ends catch and release, it builds a wall, it hires more Border Patrol agents, and ends the abuse of parole and asylum.”