Senator Marshall Votes Against Democrats’ Border Bailout

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D., who sits on the Homeland Security Committee, released the following statement regarding his vote against Joe Biden’s desperate border bailout:

 “For over three years, our national security and our nation’s sovereignty have been an afterthought for this Administration. Democrats have welcomed over 11 million illegal migrants, many unvetted, including terrorists, gang members, and Chinese nationalists creating the worst border crisis in CBP history,” Senator Marshall said. “Now, six months before the election, Senate Democrats are looking for political cover. It’s too little too late. This bill is nothing more than a bailout for Democrats whose campaigns are on life support and will only make the crisis at our borders worse. Even the Democrat architect of this bill admitted that this legislation never closes the border.”

“This week, Senate Republicans took numerous bills to secure our borders to the Senate Floor for a vote, Democrats blocked every single one of our efforts. They would not even allow these measures, including the most extensive border security package in Congress, the Secure our Borders Act, to receive a vote,” Senator Marshall said. “Democrats’ border bailout is an unserious proposal that only worsens the crisis by codifying catch and release, expanding the abuse of parole, weakening asylum screening, supercharging NGOs, and allowing thousands of migrants to cross before they take any action.” 

Senator Marshall joined Senator Ted Cruz this week in offering the Secure Our Borders Act on the Senate Floor. This legislation passed the House of Representatives over a year ago and has been sitting in the Senate waiting for a vote. Senate Democrats blocked Marshall and Cruz’s efforts before putting forth their border security bailout bill on the Senate Floor today.